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How to become an HR manager in Australia

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Ensuring workplace efficiency, productivity, and camaraderie are all made possible through the skills and experience of a reliable human resources manager. Tasked with tending to worker concerns, hiring top talent, and building a positive, ambitious company culture – HR managers are among the most demanded roles in Australia, helping businesses perform at their best. 

According to Job Outlook, Australian HR managers have grown in large numbers over the past five years, reaching over 75,000 in 2020. This number is only expected to rise to a predicted 86,800 by 2025, thus offering plenty of opportunity for those seeking a career in the industry. 

Fortunately, aspiring HR professionals now have plenty of options to build or refine their expertise – with many online courses offering flexible training. We explore the benefits of these study paths below, helping you set foot in this lucrative, expanding sector. 

What can I learn from human resources management courses? 

1. Ensuring a safe, healthy workplace.

Communicating, implementing, and monitoring work health and safety (WHS) policies and programs are common priorities in the HR field. A quality course will thus equip you with the expertise to develop and establish these procedures, helping ensure a safe, healthy environment for all employees. A thorough knowledge of WHS policies will also help you meet compliance checklists or legislative requirements for a business – a common task among HR professionals in supervisory roles.

Depending on your course, you may additionally train in the skills required to coordinate and oversee effective workforce plans, including new policies, employee programs, and WHS-related initiatives. 

2. Promoting team innovation, communication, and productivity.

As an HR manager, helping foster an enjoyable, creative, and efficient workplace is vital. Courses in this field will primarily explore the skill set required to achieve this, equipping you with the knowledge to manage relationships on both an employee-based and industrial scale. You’ll likely delve into effective communication strategies, leadership methods, and general business skills to promote team cohesion and productivity. 

Advanced courses may also explore the specific skills necessary to communicate, present, and negotiate with persuasion and influence. This can be particularly helpful when liaising with customers, clients, and other stakeholders of your business, but also applicable when co-ordinating direct employees and teams. You may even additionally build the skill set to coach, mentor, and help strengthen critical thinking in others; as well as develop the emotional intelligence needed to approach conflicts and situations with greater social awareness. 

3. Conflict and change management. 

conflict management concept

Another key element of HR is the ability to manage conflict and change with a critical, level-headed, and open-minded approach. Most HR courses thus commonly explore the necessary strategies for facilitating effective conflict resolution and communication, going hand-in-hand with building one’s relationship management and leadership skills. 

Additionally, you’ll likely delve into the methods necessary for anticipating, preparing for, and managing business change. HR managers are often required to implement and monitor company changes (whether this be a new policy, program, or business unit) with as little risk potential as possible. A quality course will address this, arming you with the expertise to navigate these processes with confidence and efficiency. 

4. Effective recruitment strategies. 

Finally, an HR course will help train you in the methods and tactics necessary to hire, train, and retain top talent for your company. You’ll build the expertise required to source quality candidates, assess their aptitude for the required role, and facilitate an organised, effective onboarding process to help new hires easily and quickly familiarise with their new environment. 

You may also learn ways of implementing a valuable performance development system, helping employees work at their best and most productive. Similarly, you may additionally build the skills and knowledge necessary to support and facilitate skills development among teams and individual workers. 

What courses can I take to become an HR manager? 

HR concept

1. BSB40420 - Certificate IV in Human Resources.

Upskilled’s certificate program in human resources explores the fundamental skillset to facilitate effective communication, conflict resolution, performance development, and the necessary WHS procedures for a healthy, productive, and cohesive workplace. Those who complete this course will equip themselves with the entry-level expertise to pursue roles such as a recruitment officer and a human resources assistant. 

What is the application process?

Those interested in this course must submit an enquiry form through the course page. You’ll be asked to enter your basic information (name, e-mail, phone, etc.), and a career consultant will then get in touch to fill you in on further details of the program. 

How long will it take to complete the course?

This course takes up to 12 months to complete.

2. BSB50320 – Diploma of Human Resources Management.

Those with existing managerial experience, or who wish to pursue a role in HR management, will find the thorough training they need through Upskilled’s diploma course. Delving further into both the technical and soft skills required to effectively manage workplace (and industrial) relationships, lead teams, and coordinate efficient recruitment and onboarding processes – this program can expand one’s career paths into senior roles such as an HR officer or HR manager.

What is the application process?

As with the certificate course, those interested must submit an enquiry form on the course page with their basic contact details. A career consultant will then get in touch to define your next steps. 

How long will it take to complete the course?

This course takes up to 12 months to complete.

Looking to enter the HR industry? 

HR managers form a core part of any large business, helping foster an innovative, harmonious, and professional company culture. With the expertise to help achieve optimal worker performance, it’s a role highly likely to stay in demand for years to come. 

Fortunately, those who wish to enter the field can easily (and flexibly) start building their skills through the online training options available. As listed above, Upskilled offers in-depth, nationally-recognised courses in human resources to help jump-start one’s career in the industry; arming them with the qualifications to stand out in the job market.

Best of all, with both programs delivered online, you have the flexibility to train at a time, place, and pace of your choosing.

Build the skills you need for a rewarding career in HR, and enquire with us on a course today.

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