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5 in-demand digital skills to boost your salary

By Ben Madden

If you’re looking to boost your salary, then it might be time to consider learning some digital skills (or enhancing your current digital skillset). As the world becomes increasingly digital, keeping up to date with the latest digital skills and technology can future-proof your career prospects as well as potentially boost your earning potential.

If you’re looking to learn more about the further study you can complete to become more digitally adept to stay ahead of the curve, then read on!

Does getting a certification help boost salary?

Typically, getting a certification will help you boost your salary. Data from the Department of Education shows that higher education correlates with higher salaries. Someone whose highest level of education is Year 12 has a median total income of $53,829, while someone with a Certificate III-IV has a median income of $61,208. Of course, getting a certification brings more benefits than just increased salary.

Further study can also help you gain more job-specific skills and knowledge (in this case, you can acquire more IT-related skills and knowledge). Professional development is something that current/future employers will look upon favourably, as it highlights that you’re willing to invest in your professional growth and see things through to completion.

If you’re feeling like you’re stagnating at work, then getting a certification can help you highlight that you’re looking to take on more responsibilities (and therefore earn more money) in the workplace.

What type of certification should I get for career growth?

Whether you’re currently in the technology sector, or looking to make your way into the field, a new certification can help you grow your career. Each of these certifications often come with an increased salary, so there are a range of benefits to further study – including building in-demand skills. Here are five certifications that may set you on the path towards your dream career:

1. Programming

If you’re interested in building innovative programs/applications, then a programming certification may be for you. According to, the average salary of someone working as a programmer in Australia is $90,500 per year, and there are a range of industries that are looking for talented programmers who are looking to get more out of their career.

If you’re looking to gain some programming skills, or want to explore a career as a programmer, then completing a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming) can seriously elevate your coding skills.

2. Networking

Want to help businesses get the most out of their IT networks? Gaining networking skills can help you troubleshoot IT problems for clients, as well as set up networks to help businesses use technology to get ahead.

The average salary of someone working as a network engineer in Australia is $109,661, according to If you’re considering developing a networking skillset to grow your career, then you may want to complete a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking).

3. Web Development

As businesses everywhere look to increase their online efforts, a web development-related certification can help you grow your career and increase your earning potential. If you look at, you’ll find that the average annual salary of someone working as a web developer in Australia is $104,483.

You can complete a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Web Development) to help you learn the necessary skills!

4. AI Engineering

Want to be part of a growing sector? Working in AI can help you shape an industry that is set to transform how many businesses solve problems using technology. According to, the average salary of someone working in the artificial intelligence industry in Australia is $118,005 per year.

Interested in the world of AI engineering, or feel like some AI engineering skills might help you get ahead in your current role? You may want to consider completing an online bootcamp to gain AI-related skills!

5. Data Science

If getting more out of data interests you, then you may find yourself drawn towards data science. As a data scientist, you can earn $118,139 per year in Australia, according to If you’re looking to gain data science-related skills, then Upskilled offers an online bootcamp that can help you excel in this field.

Will I get a salary increase if I receive an MBA?

Completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can help you increase your salary. As part of an MBA, you can learn more about developing your understanding of how businesses function, your interpersonal and leadership skills and much more.

Many leaders in the world of business will have completed an MBA in the past, so it’s a pathway that may be worth considering if you’re looking to move up in the world of work and increase your earning potential. 

One thing to consider is that an MBA can take 18 months or more to complete (depending on the educational institution you choose). If you’re looking to upskill in your current role, or make a career move in the near future, then completing shorter, more job-specific courses may help you get further ahead in the same timeframe.

Whatever path you choose, completing further study to gain in-demand digital skills can increase your salary and improve your career prospects, so it might just be time to invest in some professional development.

Decided that you’re looking to build your digital skillset? Upskilled is here to help. Upskilled offers a range of nationally recognised courses, short courses and online bootcamps to help you succeed in the world of work. Contact Upskilled’s education consultants to learn more!

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