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Make a Difference: Here are the Top 8 Jobs to Pursue in Community Services

By Vanessa Ciabatti

Those who reap fulfillment from helping those in need will find no better career path than one in community services. This field serbes as the backbone of support systems in Australia, comprising roles dedicared to making a positive impact on individual lives and families.

As the nation's demand for these services continues to grow, so do opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the aging and less fortunate. Below, we break down some of the best jobs to consider pursuing in the community services sector - each leading to a rewarding career of unique responsbilities, growth prospects and memorable personal connections. 

Aged Carer

Aged Carers play a crucial role in Australia's community services sector, providing essential support and companionship to the elderly. Their primary responsibility is to assist older individuals with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing and medication management, ensuring a comfortable and dignified quality of life. 

Those in the role must possess a compassionate nature, patience and excellent communication skills. Empathy is key as aged carers build relationships with those in their care, addressing both physical and emotional needs.

The industry is set to experience further growth in the years to come, with a projected 28% employment spike through to 2026, according to Labour Market Insights. The average aged carer also earns about $71,854 AUD per year. 

Disability Support Worker

Disability support professionals assist clients in various aspects of daily life, including personal care, mobility, and community engagement. 

They may also provide emotional support and contribute to the development of individualized care plans, empowering those with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives.

As with aged care, a career in this field would require a compassionate, empathetic, and patient disposition. Communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills are essential as you’ll often find yourself working with the various needs of diverse clients, families, and multidisciplinary teams. 

Professionals can expect a rising demand for disability support workers in the care sector, with an anticipated need for an additional 83,000 National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) workers by 2024. The average disability support worker also earns an average annual salary of $68,250 AUD, according to 

Upskilled offers a CHC33021 - Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) for those aspiring to work as a disability support professional. Learn the fundamentals of disability care, preparing you for the career pathways of Community Care Worker or Disability Support Worker. 

Mental Health Support Worker

The mental health support field is dedicated to providing both emotional and practical assistance to those facing mental health challenges. Those in this sector aid their patients in navigating their daily activities, social engagement, and implementing recovery-oriented strategies. Interpersonal skills are vital to this role, as mental health workers often strive to create a safe and supportive environment for clients. 

The industry currently expects a projected job growth of 23.2% in the next five years (according to SEEK), with the average worker earning an annual salary of $83,165 AUD

For those considering a career in mental health support, Upskilled offers a CHC43315 – Certificate IV in Mental Health, a comprehensive course that dives into self-directed recovery support, trauma-informed care, and the promotion of overall well-being for those struggling with their mental health. The program also includes a work placement, equipping students with the “job-ready” skills to pursue entry-level roles in this field.


Counsellors offer emotional support and guidance to those facing personal challenges, including conducting counselling sessions, developing treatment plans, and helping their clients navigate specific issues. A warm personality, active listening skills, and the ability to build and foster honest relationships with clients are the main keys to succeeding in this role.  

Aspiring counsellors can expect a projected job growth of 14.2% in the years to 2026, with an average annual salary of $85,904 AUD, according to Labour Market Insights. 

Upskilled offers the CHC51015 – Diploma of Counselling, providing a comprehensive training program encompassing professional practice, communication skills, counselling case management, and crisis management. Alternatively, individuals could also consider our Short Course in Counselling, an introductory course for those seeking a taste of the sector before committing to a more extensive program.

Case Manager

If you consider yourself an organised, fastidious, and attentive individual, then you may just find success in the role of a case manager. These professionals oversee and coordinate comprehensive support for those facing complex personal challenges, including issues related to mental health, substance abuse, and family welfare. They help assess the needs of clients, develop tailored service plans, and collaborate with various stakeholders to ensure holistic care. 

With a projected job growth of 25.2% in the next five years, according to SEEK, and an average annual salary of $91,311, as reported by, skilled case managers currently enjoy plenty of demand on the job market. 

Those interested in this field may benefit from Upskilled’s CHC52021 – Diploma of Community Services (Case Management), providing specialised training for those aspiring to become proficient case managers. This comprehensive qualification covers diverse units such as legal and ethical compliance, crisis management, and developing service programs; along with offering practical work placement opportunities to help apply your newfound skills in real-world scenarios.

Youth Worker

Youth workers are dedicated to supporting and empowering young individuals, typically aged 12-24, as they navigate challenges and transitions in their lives. The job involves establishing rapport with youths, providing guidance, and facilitating programs that promote personal development, mental health, and social integration.

Essential skills for this role include excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills, empathy, and understanding of the diverse issues facing young people. Adaptability is also important when addressing the unique needs of each individual. 

With a projected job growth of 25.2% in the years to 2026, as indicated by Labour Market Insights, and an average annual salary of $77,584, youth work offers a rewarding career path for those passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of young people in the community.

Personal Care Worker

If you prefer to work more intimately with specific clients in community services, then the role of personal care worker may suit you best. Professionals in this field provide assistance and support to those who may be elderly, disabled, or dealing with health challenges; with their responsibilities including aiding with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and offering companionship. 

Patience, perseverance, and strong communication skills are crucial to this role as you build trust and understand the requirements of those in your care. 

According to Labour Market Insights, this field is set to experience a projected job growth of 9.6% in the years leading up to 2026, with the average personal care worker earning $66,664 AUD annually. 

Family Support Worker

Family support workers focus on providing guidance and support to families facing various challenges. Their responsibilities involve assessing the needs of families, offering practical assistance, and connecting them with relevant community resources. Common issues those in this role may navigate could include parenting difficulties, domestic violence, financial stress, or child welfare concerns. 

Cultural sensitivity, compassion, and keen people skills are essential for family support workers as they build trusting relationships and collaborate with various families to create tailored support plans. 

Labour Market Insights predicts a future job growth of 25.2% in this sector in the years to 2026, professionals enjoying an average annual salary of $76,595 AUD (according to

Ready to change lives with a community services career?

If you consider yourself a “people-person” with a passion for helping those in need, the field of community services offers plenty of career pathways for you to tap into these strengths. From opportunities in aged care to roles in case management, there’s something for anyone seeking to better the lives of others. 

Upskilled offers plenty of courses to help build your skills in these sectors, including general programs in the fundamentals of community services. Best of all, our training is delivered completely online, helping you study at a time, place, and pace that suits your needs best. 

Get set on making a difference today, and enquire with us on a course.  

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