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Managing different personality types in the workplace

By Fi Darby

A good manager understands that a range of personalities can bring vitality to the workplace. When it comes to personality types, we're all different. With our own ways of doing things, we each have something important to bring to the table. Managing different personality types in the workplace is not always easy. However, there are a few leadership tricks that can help. 

SkillsTalk take a look at three different personality types and what management style suits them best.

1. The Analyst.

looking at statistics concept

When looking for a detailed approach any good manager would naturally turn to the analysts in the team. You can rely on an analyst to respond to complex problems in a systematic way. Numbers and detailed research are the analyst’s tools. However, this precise attention to detail may lead to inaction. Analysts may occasionally irritate other team members with their ‘prove it to me’ way of thinking. Analyst behaviour can include:
  • A tendency towards ‘too much’ detail
  • Curious and inquisitive questioning
  • A preference towards working in smaller groups
  • A reluctance to discuss problems

Management style for The Analyst.

Data is a vital tool for the analyst. As a manager, you can support their drive for detail by ensuring access to the latest research and information. One way to avoid ‘information overload’ for other members of the analyst’s team is to be very specific when asking for their input. 

Analysts are motivated by explicit deadlines, clear expectations and logical explanations. They also appreciate having their performance assessed against objective benchmarks.

2. The Energiser.

On the surface, everything about the energiser is an asset. These enthusiasts are eager to join in and always the first to volunteer, no matter what the task. Because of their unstinting eagerness, the energisers on your team are often your best friends. This is because their enthusiasm reinforces your decision-making and motivates the rest of the team. You will know that you're managing an energiser when:

  • New ideas are enthusiastically received
  • Changes are welcomed and even encouraged
  • Workplace morale is improved
  •  ‘Innovation’ becomes the office buzzword

Management style for The Energiser.

People with the energiser personality type are sometimes less than effective when required to work alone and their enthusiasm can occasionally run away with them. One way you can channel enthusiasm in the desired direction is to make sure you regularly and unambiguously reaffirm priorities. Presenting these extroverts with opportunities to work alone on a small part of a large project can help encourage their independence.

3. The Wallflower.

woman working autonomously

The wallflower and the energiser couldn’t be less alike. The wallflowers are introverts and need time and space to function properly. However the ability of this dedicated group to work alone can be a real strength when it comes to productivity. 

Working with an introvert can at first appear to be a challenge. Once you recognise their needs and strengths, these can help you manage their work style more effectively. Signs that you have a wallflower on your team include:

  • A reluctance to communicate expertise and knowledge during team meetings
  • An inclination towards quiet desks and solo offices
  • A sometimes surprising ability to demonstrate empathy
  • A tendency to eat alone and avoid socialising with the team

Management style for The Wallflower.

People with the wallflower personality type are used to their tendencies being seen in a negative light. This means one of the most important things you can do is to highlight the positives of their personality. Encourage your team to recognise that working autonomously is just as important as working in a group. 

You can do this by building opportunities for individual success as well as team achievement. Another helpful step you can take is to reduce the number of large team meetings. Consider supplementing these with one-on-one working groups or online methods of communication.

Your management style matters more than you think

Working with different personalities has to be one of the most important management skills. Learning how to use your leadership style to encourage the development of your employees is a key factor in management success. A happy and fulfilled workforce is far more likely to be productive than a demotivated one. 

The first step towards this is to understand your natural go-to leadership style. 

Learn how to manage different personality types with an online course

Studying leadership and management with Upskilled is an excellent way to further develop your skills as a manager. With the flexibility of online learning, it can fit in nicely with your work and family life. 

To help improve the way you manage others, why not consider studying an online course? To express your interest in a management course, be sure to call 1300 009 924 to get in touch with the Upskilled team today.

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