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The benefits of short courses

By Vanessa Ciabatti

In today’s fast-paced world, continuous learning has become a growing necessity. With ever-changing business practices and developing technologies, it pays to stay ahead of the competition with up-to-date skills and industry knowledge. However, pursuing an entire degree or diploma course isn’t always the most accessible.

This is where short courses come in: bite-sized learning experiences that can offer you that practical, flexible pathway to easily achieving your skills goals. Below, we explore what short courses are, the benefits of pursuing one, and the programs available under Upskilled today.

What is a short course?

A short course is a training program you can complete in a relatively short period of time, often lasting as briefly as a day or for a few months, depending on the course. These qualifications are designed to provide the quick boost of industry skills you may need for career progression or employment.

Short courses may come in the form of a bootcamp, resulting in achievement certificates; or a “statement of attainment” (SOA)/skill set courses – nationally recognised programs that allow you to fulfill a specific set of accredited units from a larger diploma or certificate. Both provide the quick option of simply training in the skill areas necessary to your current career goals.

The benefits of pursuing short courses

They provide a “starter feel” of new industries

One of the major benefits of pursuing a short course is the opportunity to get a “taster” of a new field or industry. For example, a short course in entry-level IT can offer introductory knowledge in basic tech skills, such as beginner programming, cloud computing services, and common collaborative practices. With these courses lasting up to a few months at a time, you can easily build these fundamental skillsets without the breadth and commitment of a full-fledged diploma or degree.

Additionally, these programs could offer networking opportunities with other current or aspiring professionals in the field, helping you form relationships with potential future mentors, collaborators, or even employers down the road.

They open doors to entry-level career opportunities

Short courses could also be helpful keys to entry-level opportunities in the job market. Their ability to equip you with practical, “work-ready” skillsets may just be what you need to get your start in a certain industry, as you’ll have the fundamental know-how to take on junior roles and positions. A short course in basic tech skills, for example, could land you job opportunities in help desk support or other related roles.

Additionally, some short courses lead to nationally-recognised qualifications – meaning your training is quality assured and considered “industry standard” across Australia. This further provides you with the competitive edge you need to stand out in the job market.

They offer a flexible learning experience

Short courses offer you an easy way to upskill without being tied to the lengthy commitment of a traditional degree. This is made even more convenient with the availability of these courses online, allowing you to flexibly study at a schedule that suits you best. Students can now get their skills boost through an all-online learning experience tailored around their personal needs and existing work-related responsibilities; benefiting those looking to train while currently employed.

According to ABS, online work-related training has only grown more popular in recent years, more than doubling from 19% in 2016-17 to 55% in 2020-21. Upskilled is among the education providers offering such courses, with a learning platform, communication system, and library of study materials all available digitally.

They help fill up any knowledge gaps

Finally, short courses are ideal for current workers looking to sharpen their existing skillset. By plugging up any knowledge gaps and honing your expertise, you become a more valuable asset to your employer and may increase the likelihood of promotions and salary raises. These programs are also known for improving soft skills such as time management and self-motivation, traits highly sought-after in any workplace.

Not only do short courses address your immediate skills needs, but they also foster a “growth mindset” – encouraging continuous learning and development. They may offer pathways into advanced study, such as diploma or certificate course that expounds on the skills you’ve acquired.

Launching new short courses

There’s a short course for nearly every thriving industry in Australia, whether you’re looking to boost your tech know-how or your business aptitude. This July Upskilled has launched 5 new short courses to help you succeed in your upskilling journey.

Short courses for business

  • Human Resources Foundation Short Course: (BSBSS00105 - Human Resources Foundations Skill Set) This course provides a comprehensive introduction to essential HR skills such as handling employee relations, recruitment, performance development, and general human resource functions. Students will learn to enhance employee morale and productivity in the workplace, improving overall business performance.
  • Team Management Short Course: (BSBSS00109 - Introduction to Team Management Skill Set) Learn the ropes of effective people management through this program that covers the basics of HR, business leadership, performance development, and influential communication. Graduates will have built the skills to pursue entry-level roles in team and project management. 

Short courses for IT

  • Introduction to Networking Short Course: (ICTSS00137 - Networking for Introductory Roles Skill Set) If you’re interested in computer networks, this course offers an in-depth overview of the fundamentals, including areas of network security, virtualisation, hardware installation, and network configuration. It offers a solid foundation for entry-level opportunities in network support and administration – or for further studies in advanced networking.
  • Introduction to Programming Short Course: (ICTSS00138 - Programming Skills for Introductory Roles Skill Set) Aspiring coders can get their start through this introductory course in computer programming. Students will learn the basics of software development, essential programming languages, building user interfaces, among other skills areas, helping set them up for junior opportunities in coding.

Short courses for general workplace wellness

  • Short Course in Emotional Intelligence & Personal Wellbeing: (Statement of Attainment) If you’re looking to become a more effective, productive worker (both for yourself and for your colleagues), then our short course in personal wellbeing may just offer the right strategies to achieve this. Students will learn to better manage their personal health, wellbeing, and emotional intelligence in a workplace setting, helping them avoid burnout and improve their overall leadership, communication, and collaborative skills.

Boost your skills with a short course today!

As we’ve mentioned, short courses are convenient pathways to unlocking your career potential and enhancing your professional growth. Upskilled currently offers a wide selection of short courses and bootcamps to help achieve this – each available online to suit you and your learning needs best.

Whether it’s to sharpen your skills for the growing IT sector or to simply improve your approach as a business leader, our training programs are rife with the valuable, competitive knowledge you need. Stay ahead of the curve and enquire with us on a course today.  

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