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Why team building is so important

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay | 01 May 2019

Recent global studies revealed that one in three workers are disengaged from their job. Across countries, the overall engagement rate reports a positive 65% - though Australia falls behind. Nationwide, only 24% of employees have said they are actively engaged with their work. 

Unfortunately, this figure hasn’t budged in over a decade.

Like a well-oiled running machine, each part requires being in its best shape to work at maximum efficiency. Your employees are the most crucial gears of your business – so it pays to have them be their mental, emotional, and physical best while at work. 

The process of team-building helps do just this. A practice that nearly all businesses value; encouraging a team mindset among employees does wonders for their overall performance, innovation, and engagement with the responsibilities of their role. 

As stated by the late Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Below, we discuss the most impactful benefits of team building and why it’s a highly vital exercise for the workplace. 

The benefits of team building activities

  1. Increased productivity.
  2. Improved trust and communication.
  3. Enhanced leadership skills.
  4. Increased creativity and problem-solving.
  5. Boost in employee morale.

1. Increased productivity.

women colleagues working together

Team building almost always leads to higher efficiency in worker performance. Such activities bring the strengths and weaknesses of employees to light, helping workers discover and optimise talents they may not have known of before, and allowing managers to advise them on areas of improvement. 

Those who aren’t as well-skilled on a task may be made to coordinate and learn from those who are.

With workers unlocking their full potential, productivity within a team is sure to skyrocket. 

Successful team building activities can also help build positive relationships among workers. 

Workplace friendships are extremely beneficial for workplace engagement; in fact, a 2018 study by Gallup showed that having a “best friend” at work contributed to better performance among both male and female workers. 

Through exercises that not only help improve team collaboration, but connection among team members – workers are more driven to help each other and work together towards the company’s success.

2. Improved trust and communication.

trust and communication concept

Effective communication leads to fewer conflicts, mistakes, and misunderstandings, resulting in overall better performance within a team. 

Because team building pushes employees to coordinate and work together, this helps them improve their listening, speaking, and writing abilities. Such interpersonal skills are crucial in maintaining a positive, productive workplace, as workers better understand each other and can thus work towards the same clear, common goal. 

Open dialogue can also lead to higher trust among workers, resulting in better teamwork. 

Team building exercises can also help managers and individuals discover how each one best processes information. One employee may understand new information better through visual, rather than text-based learning, or example. 

Additionally, team members can provide each other with feedback on areas they can further improve upon. 

Working with others can also expose your employees to cultural differences, helping them build respect for others’ values and ways of communication. This can help alleviate any unpleasant misunderstandings that may occur out of ignorance. 

Understanding one another’s behaviours and cultural backgrounds can help foster harmony in the workplace, leading to better employee engagement.  

3. Enhanced leadership skills.

manager speaking to staff members

While team building does wonders for your team’s workplace performance, it can also benefit you as a manager.

According to a recent AIM leadership survey, over 72% of Australian workers have reported leaving their jobs due to poor leadership and management. This is a skills gap that requires critical attention.

Team building allows you to work on your leadership skills in bringing people together. You’ll get to improve ways of fostering workplace motivation, encourage your workers’ strengths (and helping their weaknesses), and developing your communication skills as a manager. 

Spending quality time with your employees can also help you build a positive, trustworthy reputation among your employees. By investing time in improving your team, they’ll likely feel appreciated, and thus more engaged in their work. 

Of course, with the problem-solving activities team building often includes, workers have the opportunity to work on their own leadership skills, guiding or assisting members who may need help. 

4. Increased creativity and problem-solving.

creativity concept

Australia-based corporate events company, Total Team Building, notes how improved creativity develops from such activities. 

Because most team building activities allow collaboration in often new environments, having them solve problems out of their usual, daily work routine – employees are pushed to think out-of-the-box and come to innovative solutions. By fostering such creativity among workers, not only does the company benefit, but so do your team members.

Brainstorming creative ideas enables bonding and increased interaction among employees; improving communication in the process. As previously mentioned, effective communication in the workplace leads to better relationships among colleagues, resulting in better engagement at work. 

By showing employees the importance of creativity through team building activities, you can encourage the same mindset at the workplace. This can help your employees feel more challenged, competitive, and thus, more interested and satisfied in their workplace responsibilities. 

5. Boost in employee morale.

happy employees

Finally, the opportunity for team building can result in a significant improvement of employee morale. By developing close, supportive relationships with others on their team, workers are bound to feel more committed and satisfied in their daily work duties. 

Fostering a good relationship with you, as their manager, also contributes to overall workplace positivity.
Team building exercises allow workers to communicate their ideas and provide feedback on others’, helping them and their efforts feel valued among you and their colleagues. 

A 2016 Australian report by Reventure Limited noted how valued contributions were driving factor of high productivity among workers (64% of workers surveyed indicated this, to be exact) – along with effective leadership and meaningful work. 

By prioritising the motivation, enthusiasm, and productivity of your employees through appropriate team building exercises, you’re promoting a workplace dedicated to self-improvement and success. 

Satisfied and happy workers are sure to see an improvement in employee retention rates for your business, too.

Building your dream team involves bringing together the industry’s best, but it also requires you to develop productive, supportive workplace relationships that collaborate well to bring innovative ideas to life. What better to breed such creativity and connection than valuable team building activities? 

They not only help your employees play to their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and better understand their colleagues, but they help you in getting to know them and their abilities, too. 

As a result, you and your team will develop ways of better working together to achieve the same goal. With everyone committed to achieving success, your business is sure to see it. 

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