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7 signs you're ready for a career in digital marketing

By Ben Madden

If you’re someone that lives and breathes digital media, then you might enjoy working in the world of digital marketing. Digital marketing encompasses any marketing that happens on the Internet – if you’re speaking to customers about your business/your client’s business online, then you’re engaging in digital marketing. Read on to learn more about the world of digital marketing! 

What are the advantages of having a career in digital marketing?

Now that you’ve taken the first step towards a career in digital marketing by reading this article, you might want to know what a career in digital marketing entails. Working in digital marketing has a range of benefits, including: 
  • Flexibility – work with a range of companies in a range of industries, or work as a freelancer/contractor and escape the 9-5 lifestyle.
  • Job security – more companies are focusing on their online presence, so digital marketers are becoming even more valuable.
  • Salary - according to SEEK, a typical digital marketing manager earns $110,000 a year. Working in digital marketing can provide you with a rewarding career that is both financially and professionally rewarding!

Is digital marketing a lucrative and stable career?

As stated before, working in digital marketing can be financially lucrative. However, it can also be professionally lucrative, as you may get the chance to work with globally recognised brands. If you’re someone that craves variety and excitement, then digital marketing may be a wise career move, as you will be able to dictate who you work with, and in what capacity. 

Working in digital marketing also gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere – such is the power of the Internet. If you’re a frequent traveller, or you simply don’t want to confine yourself to an office, then you might find that being able to create and execute digital marketing strategies while on the go suits your lifestyle and personality.

Whether or not digital marketing is a stable career depends on what you consider stable. The industry is constantly evolving (as innovative technologies and platforms become popular, you will need ton understand how you can use them in your marketing efforts), while you might not have the one job for your entire career. However, you can be confident that there will always be work available. 

What skills are important when it comes to digital marketing?

Part of the fun of working in digital marketing is that there are many different specialisations. You can choose to specialise in setting up social media ads, creating organic social media content, search engine optimisation, email marketing, copywriting and more. It really is up to you!

However, there are some skills that are applicable to all areas of digital marketing. Knowing these skills/being able to apply them in real-world contexts can help you excel as a digital marketer in the future.

Here are seven signs that you’re ready for a career in digital marketing include:
  1. You can run both organic and paid social media campaigns, each with different goals like generating leads, increasing brand awareness and making sales. 
  2. You’re able to develop social media strategies for each social media platform, and you ensure that each strategy makes use of the platform’s unique properties (image-focused strategies on Instagram, short-form video on TikTok etc.). 
  3. You’re able to write short-form, long-form and email copy for a range of social media platforms, and you understand the tone of voice that you’ll need for different scenarios.
  4. You understand search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices and can implement them to get your content on page one of search engine results for relevant keywords.
  5. You can communicate with relevant stakeholders and help them understand why they may need to invest in their digital marketing efforts (for example, they may need to invest in paid search engine ads).
  6. You’re able to look at the data/analytics from a digital marketing campaign and understand what improvements you can make to get even better results from the next campaign.
  7. You stay on top of the latest developments in the world of digital marketing, and you can make improvements to your digital marketing efforts by taking advantage of these evolutions.

Of course, these signs are just a sample of the skills and knowledge that you can acquire to succeed in the world of digital marketing. Looking for a way to hone these skills, or feel like you’re not ready to jump into the world of digital marketing just yet? Further study can help you get ready for your dream career. Upskilled’s courses teach you practical, job-ready skills that will help you excel in the world of digital marketing. Best of all, you can study online, so you can work around existing priorities and responsibilities.

A career in digital marketing can be deeply rewarding if you’re someone that enjoys learning and trying new things. Take your first step towards a career in digital marketing today!

Now that you’ve learnt more about the world of digital marketing, you might be ready to take the leap. Upskilled offers a range of digital marketing courses that provide nationally recognised qualifications, so you can start working towards a career in digital marketing. Learn more by visiting our website here!

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