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3 career paths for people who enjoy teamwork

By Jana Angeles

If you’re the type of person who thrives on working with other people and consider yourself a “people-person”, you may be wondering what potential career paths are worth pursuing. 

From the Forbes article, What Makes a Successful Team?’, Carly Sime writes, “Teams that succeed are often made up of individuals who are working on something that feels important on a personal level.” This statement is true because it is a reflection of everyone’s efforts to make a particular project successful, and while there are people who prefer to work autonomously, sometimes it’s necessary to be able to bounce back ideas from other people and work in collaboration.

Team work requires a lot of thought and discussion, and you need to have good communication skills to be able to share ideas effectively, while also agreeing to work on tasks collaboratively.

5 skills you’ll need to be a good team player

To become a good team player, you’ll need to have (or be willing to develop) the following skills, according to Balance Careers:
  • Communication: having excellent communication skills is key. From written to verbal, you’ll need to be comfortable in conveying your ideas and thoughts with your co-workers.
  • Conflict management: being able to problem solve is more important than you think. In a team, you can’t be agreeable all the time. There will be moments where you’ll find yourself and your co-workers are not on the same page as each other and you’ll need to reach a compromise. You also need to work together in solving issues that arise and be empathetic and flexible when circumstances do change. This can be applied when your roles are restructured, deadlines are moved or find yourself negotiating on particular contracts for work.
  • Listening: with communication and conflict management, you’ll need to be a great listener. When you’re in a meeting collaborating with your team, carefully considering other people’s ideas while also clarifying any questions you may have can evolve into productive discussions. Not only that, but hearing other people’s feedback and taking it into consideration also shows that you’re a great listener. 
  • Reliability: being able to have your team trust you is important because not only does this say that you’re reliable but it also reveals that you have great follow through when it comes to a set task or project assigned to you. If your team have confidence in you meeting deadlines and know that you’re a pillar of knowledge with great leadership skills, they are most likely to appreciate what you have to offer at work. 
  • Respectfulness: having a level of respect to each other is important. While you may have differing viewpoints to one another, it’s still possible to come to an agreement. By being encouraging and courteous to your co-workers can help them feel appreciated. 
If you have the skills above and believe that working in a field where teamwork is required will best suit you in a career, here are some pathways to consider that require you to work with other people. 

3 career pathways to follow if you enjoy teamwork

  1. Information technology.
  2. Marketing and communication.
  3. Human resources management.

1. Information technology.

team of IT professionals

Working in information technology involves a lot of problem-solving and technical knowledge. The majority of IT roles you’ll see yourself trying to find solutions to complex computer or internet problems, so having a strong attention to detail and analytical mind is a must to succeed in the IT field. 

If you have the desire to work in IT, you’ll need to have the strong ability to work under pressure, have the ability to build rapport with your clients and be excellent at communicating ideas and solutions. 

Since you’ll be working with clients or other teams within the organisation or business, collaboration is required to be working in the IT field. While there is a lot of autonomy in IT, you still need to clarify and rectify problems when they arise. 

If you’re wanting to boost your skills in the IT field, Upskilled has an excellent range of courses you can choose from and specialise in. From web development to networking, you aren’t limited to choice. You can enjoy the flexibility of online study where you can work on a course around your current schedule for work and your personal life. 

2. Marketing and communication.

There are many facets you can explore in marketing and communication such as PR, social media, communications, journalism, advertising and more. In marketing, you’ll usually be required to speak with other people from different teams or survey customers to improve a product or service you’re promoting. 
From this, it makes sense to have a marketing team in a business or organisation because you’ll have people who are specifically responsible for rolling out campaigns and coming up with creative ideas in terms of promotion. 

So, it helps to be an excellent team player when it comes to the field because it involves having high levels of communication and creativity between you and your co-workers. In a busy and fast-paced marketing role, you’ll find yourself planning ahead for each campaign, creating designs and marketing collateral, ebooks and more, so collaboration is key to the success of a marketing campaign.

Upskilled has diploma-level courses in marketing and social media. These offer nationally recognised training. They give you the practical skills you need to plan out campaigns via social media or come up with an effective content plan to boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

3. Human resources management.

team meeting concept

Working in human resources is an exciting industry because not only does it provide you with a variety of tasks and responsibilities, most job roles in the field offer high levels of people interaction. From collaborating with other teams in creating effective HR policies to managing conflict resolution, you’ll thrive in this role if you enjoy doing work which offers variety than your traditional office job

To succeed in the human resources field, you’ll need to be outgoing and have excellent interpersonal skills. You’ll also need to be comfortable working under pressure due to the fast-paced nature of the work.

If you’re looking to upskill in the field, Upskilled has a great range of courses in human resources. Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing knowledge in human resources, or are simply interested in gaining industry-specific skills, these qualifications can help you get there. 

Make teamwork part of your dream job

If you’re looking to develop your career and work in a job that involves high-level of people interaction, then consider studying a course with Upskilled. Most of the courses offered can help you gain practical skills to prepare you to join the workforce or transition into a new career. 

With the flexibility of online learning, you can enjoy your studies while still successfully balancing your current job and personal life. Get in touch with an education consultant and enquire today
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