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Trends in human resources for 2019: Personalisation, Trust and Equality

By Fi Darby | 01 February 2019

Trends in human resources for 2019

There are many trends in human resources expected in 2019 and beyond. Trends include working remotely, creative employer branding used to attract new talent, people analytics to drive intelligent recruiting, and employee training with increased gamification. Here are some trends in HR you can expect.

With unemployment rates in Australia continuing to drop (5.4% July 2018), human resource management is now working in a competition-rich environment where employers are having to use increasingly savvy recruitment and retention techniques to ensure the continuation of a talented and developable workforce.

What Human Resources trends can you expect in 2019?

There can be no doubt about it, human resources is now big business and human resources professionals are required to demonstrate an increased portfolio of understanding and an appetite for change not previously seen in this sometimes-hidden industry.

From the increase in the remote workforce to the gamification of employee training, change is afoot in human resources teams across the country and shrewd practioners are undertaking dedicated training to keep pace with this change. We look in detail at 4 trends in human resources for 2019.

The remote office will gain popularity

Trends in human resources for 2019

With increased demand from the workforce and a turn around in global attitude, traditional employers have had no choice but to step up to the mark with remote working, and have seen their flexible workforces gain momentum.  This year’s elite remote workforce will have specific skill sets, will want some in-office time and will require remote-friendly work spaces.

Not only will the HR practitioner of 2019 be handling remote communications, monitoring and recruitment systems, they may well find themselves working at least part of the week at home themselves. As remote worker applications become the norm, recruitment systems will make more use of virtual reality conferencing, AI will become more embedded into staff management and key performance indicators will become vital for monitoring staff progression. 

Human resources is an exciting place to be at the moment and, if you fancy a slice of that excitement, a Dual Diploma of Business and Human Resources Management (BSB50215/ BSB50615) might be right up your street.

Creative employer branding will dominate recruitment

Trends in human resources for 2019

The attraction of talent is an essential constituent of staying ahead of the competition and, as such, forefront in the minds of strategic managers. If talent equates to success then it stands to reason that creative employer branding will give an organisation the recruitment edge over its competitors.

We have already seen employer branding as a tool for individual job promotion and reactive responses to online perceptions but times are changing and employer branding is gaining investment as more and more companies seek to actively and socially promote their values and attract profit-earning talent.

The benefits of this are clear, with employers gaining talented workers who have made a clear connection with the company ethos before they even start work. If you are interested in moving into the field of creative employer branding, consider a degree-level business course with a marketing specialisation.

People analytics will drive intelligent recruiting

Trends in human resources for 2019

Strategic hiring and employee retention continue to drive company success and managers who want to make accurate and effective human resources decisions are turning increasingly to people analytics. With the sophisticated application of data science and machine learning techniques, talent data can be analysed and acted upon from job application, right through the employee lifecycle.

The benefits of people analytics are clear and their use already in existence but this human resources trend is set to develop through 2019 with tighter surveys, non-obvious talent seeking and augmented analytics. Artificial intelligence in the form of natural language processing will play its part in the streamlining and automation aspects of intelligent recruiting.

Elements right along the recruitment route will start to see AI in the form of chatbots and process automation. There will be a growing and urgent demand for those willing to undertake training in software development and move into AI fields.

Employee training will see increased gamification

Trends in human resources for 2019

With talent acquisition in key areas coming to the fore, employee training will increasingly be seen as an attraction factor when it comes to filling skills gaps. Whilst some employers have been reluctant to consider gamification as a valid training program tool, this has generally been due to a lack of awareness of how game mechanics such as progressive reward systems and immediate feedback can encourage participation and the maximisation of learning opportunities.

Gamified employee training software is already on the market and showing positive results but gamification approaches can also include team collaboration, clearly defined learning goals and strongly visible rewards such as scoreboards or avatar enhancements. If you are interested in the gamification of business elements a Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games (ICT50215) will give you a good introduction to this exciting and growing industry.

Are you thinking of a career in HR?

The benefits of recruiting and keeping hold of a talented, diverse and healthy workforce are clear and it is great to see HR trends and solutions that will bring dividends to both employer and employee as we move into the future.

By developing new and exciting digital tools at the same time as remembering to focus on individual needs, the employer of 2019 can expect to win at the recruitment game, and, as we all know, winning at recruitment often leads to winning in business. Explore human resources courses here and resaerch human resources job roles here.
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