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Why a dual diploma or certificate is awesome

By Dianna Lloyd | 24 May 2018

We Challenge You to a Dual! Ok, not that kind of a duel. This is even better.

Deciding on what qualifications you need to in order to achieve your goals can be daunting. Whether you’re fresh out of year 12 or embarking on a new career path, most people like to ensure that the time and money they spend on, well anything, is quality and of good value; and education is no different. Many have found a great solution to their needs to upskill through online vocational education as it offers great value and flexibility.

As employers are looking for candidates that standout, a nationally recognised certificate or diploma (or advanced diploma) can have you job-ready and capable in less time, and often at a much lower investment. However, few know about the ability to earn two qualifications at the same time, for a fraction of the cost it would take to earn them separately.


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How dual diplomas and certificates work

Dual Diplomas and Certificates (also called double diplomas) are an outstanding way to make the most of your educational experience. In certain cases, where content is common to two related qualifications, you may be able to earn both qualifications with only a minimal added outlay of time and expense. For example, participants who work towards a Certificate IV in Business Administration (BSB40515) often leverage their progress to earn a Certificate IV in Leadership & Management (BSB42015) simply by undertaking an additional Unit of Competency.

Why do it?

There is no better way to ensure you are more than a one-trick-pony. Most roles require skills other than the job title might hint at, and when you are a candidate that can bring more to the table, you will stand out at hiring or promotion time. Averaged across all industries, over 70% of firms are more likely to consider a candidate's qualifications during the selection process. Likewise, candidates that show the initiative and forward thinking to complete dual qualifications will impress a hiring manager with their time management skills, and show that they're not afraid to take on a larger personal development project.


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Let’s break it down

For example, let’s look at the combined Dual Diploma of Business and Human Resources Management (BSB50215/BSB50618). Unlike other candidates that have simply specialised in HR functions, if you obtain business skills as well, you can stand out with your ability to manage meetings, work priorities and professional development, as well as ensuring quality customer service; all highly valuable skills within an organisation. 

Time is money

In regard to time and money, it’s really a no-brainer. As the Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB50618) and Diploma of Business (BSB50215) have shared units, you will be able to complete their combined 13 units in total, together. If you took them separately you’d have to complete 17 units in total. As our courses are self-paced, that can be hard to quantify in time. However if on average a person takes a year to complete a single diploma qualification, and a dual diploma takes (on average) 18 months, it’s pretty easy to see how much time could be saved (6 months!). On that same note, there is a significant savings in cost in taking less units by combining the two qualifications. 

Keeping it cohesive

One of the other advantages in taking a Dual Diploma or Certificate online is the ability to keep the same trainer and student support staff during your course. This streamlined approach makes all aspects of both qualifications easier, saves time and headaches. Your trainer is there to assist you with your questions through webinars, emails and online forums, and your student support is right there on your online learning system to help you should you experience any difficulties with your studies. Additionally, with nearly all aspects of your qualifications completed online, it is easy to track progress, submit assessments and keep up to date with your course.

All Upskilled courses available provide you with a nationally recognised qualification upon completion, providing you with the stepping-stone to switching careers or developing your current position further. Dual Diplomas or Certificates are no different, and units completed can prepare you for higher qualifications including Advanced Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees (pathways to university) and Graduate Diplomas.

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Be a standout candidate

By undertaking a Dual Diploma or Certificate, your understanding of both subjects are bound to be insightful and profound. Not only do you learn a lot from these value-added diplomas and certificates, but you get to do with the convenience and flexibility of an online delivery, with an easily accessible backup of support and encouragement. By combining qualifications into a Dual Diploma or Certificate, you are taking advantage of an opportunity to accomplish your goals more effectively, giving you the upper hand to compete in an ever-changing job market.

Have we sparked your interest? Upskilled offers a variety of dual diplomas and certificates, which you can check out here. If none of those suit, we also offer over 100 nationally recognised courses who’s units qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and offer Pathways to University and other higher qualifications. Give one of our education consultants a call today on 1300 009 924 to speak to someone on how you can get working towards your 

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