Upskilled assists every participant in successfully completing their training programs. In the event that you experience difficulties with your studies, we encourage you to consult with your trainer or any member of the Upskilled staff.  We ensure that the full resources of our RTO are made available to help you achieve the required level of competency in all qualifications.

Should personal circumstances interfere with your progress, Upskilled's National Education and Compliance Manager is available for consultation. If your needs exceed Upskilled's support capacity, we will refer you to an appropriate external agency. That’s just part of our commitment in helping you achieve your goals and qualifying for tomorrow.

Flexible Delivery and Assessment Procedures

Upskilled recognises that not all participants learn in the same manner and that with a degree of reasonable adjustment participants who may not learn best via traditional learning and assessment methods will still achieve good results.

Upskilled is committed to making any reasonable adjustment to meet the needs of a variety of participants. The ability to complete written assessment need not be interpreted as a barrier to competency, provided that the participant can verbally demonstrate competency. These adjustments may include having someone read assessment materials to a participant, or having someone record a participant's spoken responses to assessment questions. Upskilled assists participants in achieving required competency standards wherever and however possible.
Again, where we cannot assist, we endeavour to refer the process to an appropriate outside agency that can. With Upskilled, you can be assured that you come first.