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Workplace Health and Safety

What is a workplace health and safety certification?

To work as a WHS professional, you'll ideally need to have a relevant qualification to carry out your duties. Upskilled offers courses in WHS to suit your skills and experience, offering both a certificate and diploma-level certification. 

In these courses, you'll go through units that can help you develop skills and knowledge to set effective WHS policies in line with the company's objectives and WHS legislation.
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Certificate IV


  • What is it like to work in workplace health and safety (WHS)?

    Workplace health and safety (WHS), also referred to as Occupational Health and Safety, primarily focuses on the health and safety of employees within the business, ensuring that objectives related to WHS support the company.

    If you work as a WHS officer, part of your role is to create polices or procedures that the company implements so that everyone is safe when carrying out their duties within the workplace or remotely.

    If you choose to pursue a career in WHS, you may find a variety of career opportunities in the following areas:

    • Compliance
    • Environmental Health and Protection
    • Industrial Hygiene
    • Food Safety
    • Infection Control
    • Injury/Safety Hazard
    • Safety and Wellness

    WHS professionals are also trained to have working knowledge on the compensation and rehabilitation process and WHS legislation, making sure that the health and safety measures they put in place are compliant.

  • What career outcomes can you achieve in workplace health and safety?

    Workplace health and safety is a field that offers plenty of career opportunities and progression. If you're the ambitious type, you could work your way up the career ladder and move onto managerial positions as you get more experienced.

    Here are some potential job titles you can pursue if you have a keen interest in WHS:

    • Safety officer
    • Safety supervisor
    • WHS Manager
    • WHS Officer
  • What are the employment prospects in workplace health and safety?

    From potential high salary earnings to opportunities for career progression, there are many reasons to pursue a career in WHS. Here are some interesting facts and figures that can help you decide if working in WHS is for you:

    • Most WHS professionals pursue a formal qualification through Vocational Education and Training (VET).
    • Employment prospects for the WHS industry remain stable.
    • The average weekly pay for WHS professionals is $1,914.
  • Why should you work in workplace health and safety?

    • High salary earning potential: The average salary of a WHS officer is over $100,000 per annum. If you want to work in an industry that offers financial stability, the WHS industry offers plenty of roles that pay well.
    • Strong career advancement: As skilled WHS professionals get more experienced, they are likely to be promoted to managerial and supervisory roles. If you value career progression, the WHS industry has opportunities where you can advance into more senior positions.
    • A variety of sectors to explore: If you're someone that typically gets bored easily, the WHS industry has opportunities in many different sectors that can keep you on your toes. From agriculture to hospitality, there is room for movement as a WHS professional.
  • Is workplace health and safety the right career path for you?

    As mentioned, the WHS industry offers fruitful career opportunities, so if you're naturally an ambitious person that has a passion for the safety and wellbeing of others, you'll most likely find a career in WHS highly rewarding.

    You also need to demonstrate effective leadership and management skills, as well as thorough knowledge of the WHS space when it comes to legislation and policy making.

    If you have the following skills and traits, you may find career success in WHS:
    • People skills
    • Big-picture thinking
    • Passion
    • Communication 
    • Leadership
  • Why should you study workplace health and safety? 

    WHS professionals generally need to go through VET education to be qualified when it comes to carrying their duties. At Upskilled, we have WHS courses available in both certificate and diploma-level to cater towards individuals who have limited or considerable experience in the industry.

    We understand that flexibility is important so our WHS courses are delivered online to help you carry out your studies around your work and personal schedule.

    By studying WHS with Upskilled, you'll have access to:
    • Student Support Services: We have a team of Student Support consultants that will be available throughout your course should you run into any issues.
    • Specialist trainers: Our courses come with specialist training from educators that are highly experienced in the WHS space.
    • Access to interactive content: You'll have access to additional resources that can be supplementary to the assessments you're required to do. These could be in the form of videos and other rich-media content.
  • What qualifications do I need to be a workplace health and safety (WHS) officer?

    A WHS officer is responsible for ensuring that an organisation is safe and compliant when it comes to their operations. They are the ones who implement WHS strategies that help identify hazards and make assessments on risks related to health and safety.

    In order to work in this role, you'll need to complete a diploma-level qualification in WHS and have at least three years of experience of working as an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) professional.

    You'll also need to complete an OHS Practitioner Portfolio report; this certificate needs to be renewed annually. You'll need to undertake continuous professional development in order to maintain this certification.



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