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Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics

Elevate your data analytics career with our Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics co-designed and co-developed by Simplilearn along with Purdue University. This course explores both the fundamental and technically advanced areas of the data analytics field. Explore basic areas of statistics, entry-level programming, and data visualisations; along with skills in R, Python, Tableau, and Power BI.

Gain exclusive access to masterclasses taught by IBM experts; valuable career mentorship; hackathons; industry-recognised certificates, and more. Through over 14 hands-on projects and a capstone from three domains, you'll not only develop a worthy portfolio for the job market - but the competitive experience to stand out in the ever-growing data analytics industry.


Course delivered by Simplilearn.
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Delivery Mode
This is an online post-graduate course and students will learn via live virtual classes (delivered by IBM specialists)
Join Purdue's Academic Excellence
Acquire industry-recognised certificates under IBM and Purdue Alumni Association membership
Apply Your Skills to Industry-Relevant Practice
Build your industry portfolio through 14+ projects, Captsone from 3 domains along with industry datasets from the likes of Lyft, Google Play Store and World Bank
Build Job-Ready Experience
Gain competitive practical experience through hackathons, IBM masterclasses, and projects applied to real-world scenarios

Course Summary

5-7 months
Access For
5-7 months
6 courses
$3,145 incl. GST
This post graduate program delivered by Simplilearn is designed in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with IBM. Students are thus provided training of the utmost academic excellence, with Purdue ranking the 8th most innovative university in the US and IBM a leading body in technology and IT consulting. Students will explore all the fundamentals of data analysis, along with leveraging competitive platforms and programming techniques such as Tableau, Python, R, and Power BI.

This program is structured through an intensive 6-course learning pathway, comprising over 14 hands-on projects and a final capstone project. Students will learn through highly interactive live classes taught by experts in their respective fields. Once completed, graduates will obtain certification under Purdue, Simplilearn, and IBM, certifying their expertise for the competitive job market.

What you will learn

By the end of this Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics course, you will accomplish the following:
  • An in-depth understanding of data analysis and visualisation
  • Key skills in Python, R, and Tableau
  • The ability to apply your data analytics skills to real-world industry scenarios

Course Structure

Develop both the fundamental skills and advanced knowledge required to pursue a career in data analytics. With training designed under Purdue University and IBM, you'll explore key areas such as statistical analysis, data visualisation, regression techniques, and more - with hands-on practice in tools such as Python, R, and Tableau. Resources include masterclasses conducted by Purdue faculty and IBM experts; live virtual classrooms; IBM hackathons and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions; along with 24/7 learning support to help you advance in your educational journey.

Additionally, students will be able to put their skills to practice through 14+ data analytics projects throughout their training and a cumulative capstone at the end of the program. Course projects reflect real-world scenarios, with datasets from leading companies such as Google Playstore and Lyft, helping you gain the "work-ready" experience required to compete on the job market. Each course is delivered in regular one week periods on a cohort based learning structure. This means students are required to complete training in their specific chosen schedule enabling students to focus and practice skills they have learned in class from start to finish.
  • Orientation Session for Purdue Data Analytics Program

    Get started with the fundamentals of data analytics. Students will kickstart their training through preparatory courses in statistics, SQL training, and an Introduction to Data Analytics course.

  • Course 1 - Analytics Foundation

    Discover the basics of statistics and fundamental data analytics techniques.

  • Course 2 - Programming foundation and Data Analytics with Python

    Learn to leverage the Python programming language to effectively analyse data, create data visualisations, predict future data trends, and perform simple statistical analyses.

  • Course 3 - R programming for Data Science

    Develop skills in the R programming language - including writing in R, creating your own functions, and leveraging R data structures.

  • Course 4 - Data Science with R

    Learn to leverage R for data exploration, data visualisation, predictive analytics, and descriptive analytics techniques.

  • Course 5 - Tableau Training

    Learn to navigate the Tableau Desktop 10 platform. You'll develop key skills in data visualisation, organisation, and dashboard design.

  • Course 6 - Data Analyst Capstone

    Put your newfound training to practice through this cumulative Data Analyst capstone project. You'll be challenged with compiling your training from every course into a hands-on, industry-relevant project that not only adds to your industry portfolio - but also grants you the work-ready experience required for the job market.

Completion Certificate

You will gain individual certificates after completing each course

Optional electives

Optional electives are available as part of this Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics. These are not mandatory to complete, but are available as additional courses to study if you are interested in
expanding your knowledge and further implementing your skills.
  • Optional Elective 1 - Power BI

Tools covered

Who is this course for?

Individuals looking to undertake this Professional Certificate in Data Analytics must:
  • hold a bachelor's degree in any discipline with an average mark of 50% or higher

This intensive Professional Certificate in Data Analytics is designed for current professionals looking to enter the expanding world of data science and analytics. Both those from programming and non-programming backgrounds are welcome to apply. Prior work experience is not mandatory.

Individuals best suited to this course could include:
  • Software Developers
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Business Professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • IT Professionals

Payment Options

Option 1 - Pay upfront and save today

$3,145 incl. GST - Save $385 when you pay upfront
RRP $3,530
When you pay upfront with any Upskilled delivered by Simplilearn courses you gain the confidence and security of being able to start learning straight away - save $385 when you pay upfront.

Course projects

The Professional Certificate in Data Analytics comprises hands-on projects that develop the practical skills required to navigate real-world industry scenarios. Each project targets a specific challenge in data analytics, helping you leverage the skills you've built throughout the course. 

Below are details of the projects you'll be working on:
Rating prediction for apps on Google Play store
Create a model that predicts the app ratings on the Google Play Store. Your model must also be able to provide other information about the app to boost its visibility on the platform.
Demand forecast for Walmart
Predict the future sales trends and market demand for the United States retail giant, Walmart.
Attrition modeling for IBM
Determine the factors that affect the employee attrition rate of the multinational corporation, IBM.
Exploratory data analysis and visualization for Zomato
Determine what key metrics are necessary to identify the best restaurants on Zomato's website.

Career outcomes

Business Analyst
Business analysts are responsible for assessing both past and present business data to improve an organisation's decision-making process.
$115k AUD
Information Technology
Data Analyst
Data analysts examine the market and business data relevant to a specific company, extracting key insights to help solve problems, develop new business plans, and make key business decisions.
$104k AUD
Information Technology
Marketing Analyst
Marketing (or market) analysts are responsible for gathering and interpreting data surrounding a company's target consumer market and their buying habits. They then use this information to optimise or improve current marketing strategies and marketing campaigns.
$93k AUD
Information Technology

Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics course advisor

Ronald Van Loon, Top 10 Big Data and Data Science Influencer, Director - Advertisement
Ronald Van Loon, Top 10 Big Data and Data Science Influencer, Director - Advertisement
Named by Onalytica as one of the three most influential people in Big Data, Ronald is also an author of a number of leading Big Data and Data Science websites, including Datafloq, Data Science Central, and The Guardian. He also regularly speaks at renowned events.

*Please note: your course advisor may be subject to change

Show off your achievements

Earn your Professional Certificate in Data Analytics 

Digital certificates are the new way for Upskilled and Simplilearn graduates to offer proof of their hard earned knowledge or skill set.

You will receive individual certificates after each short course. Additionally, upon completion of the entire bootcamp, you will earn a certificate demonstrating your competence and actionable expertise as a data analytics professional.

Differentiate Yourself 

Set yourself apart from the competition with the Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics

This is your ticket to advance in your career with high-level data analytics knowledge and skills making you an expert in your field. 

Share your achievement

You worked for it, you earned it! Share your achievement loud and proud! Talk about your Professional Certification in Data Analytics on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Add it to your CV to stand out and showcase to your employers.


What is the difference between an Online Bootcamp Program, a Short Course and a Professional Certificate Program?

An Online Bootcamp Program is an intensive and accelerated learning program made up of a collection of self-paced eLearning components and live online classes that students are required to attend.
The Online Bootcamp program curriculum contain a combination of specifically chosen courses and career-critical skills that are aligned to a job role.

A Professional Certificate Program is quite similar to an Online Bootcamp Program but do not involve self-paced online learning. The Professional Certificate Program course structures are cohort based. This means students are required to complete training in their specific chosen schedule enabling students to focus and practice skills they have learned in class from start to finish.

A Short Course on the other hand are shorter courses that is designed to target developing a specific skill set or topic. They generally are much quicker to complete than Bootcamp Programs.


What is data analytics?

Data analytics is the practice of collecting, analysing, and interpreting raw data for research or business purposes. Professionals in this field often try to answer four main questions:
  1. "What happened?", also known as "descriptive analytics"
  2. "Why did that happen?", also known as "diagnostic analytics"
  3. "What might happen next?", also known as "predictive analytics"; and
  4. "What should be done next?", also known as "prescriptive analytics".

Most processes in the data analytics field are now automated through the use of software tools and algorithms. This allows professionals to more easily mine and organise the raw datasets found online - an important advantage in a landscape where online information faces exponential growth. Their work allows organisations to make better business decisions; tap into new or emerging markets; and improve their overall operational strategy.

Students who undertake our Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics will acquire all the necessary training to pursue the many opportunities available in the industry. You'll also be certified under IBM and Purdue University, helping you further stand out in the job market.


Is Data Analytics a profitable career field?

Data analysts face extremely high demand in the coming five years, with a predicted job growth of 27.7% (according to SEEK). The average salary currently sits at $95k AUD per year.

As such, those interested in the field are faced with abundant, lucrative career opportunities - a number only set to grow as our world grows ever-more digitised (and reliant on online data).


How quickly can I get certified through Data Analytics courses online?

With a consistent learning schedule and constant study hours, you can get through the course in about 8 months.


What are the requirements needed to qualify for this Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics?

Professionals wishing to qualify in this Data Analytics online course should have:
  • A bachelor's degree with a 50% or above grade point average.
Prior work experience in the field is not mandatory. This course also welcomes professionals form both programming and non-programming backgrounds.


Does a career in Data Analytics require coding experience?

In a world where online data continues to grow, the data science field now relies on coders to automate the the data mining and management process through advanced machine learning algorithms. This effectively speeds up the process of data analysis, though data analysts themselves are not specifically required to have a high-level expertise in programming.

However, those in this role require at least a fundamental knowledge of code to transform, manipulate, and visualise data. This is addressed throughout the program through comprehensive courses in Python and R - two of the most common coding languages used by today's data analysts. Both allow you to analyse, predict, and visualise data more efficiently, helping you arrive at meaningful interpretations a lot faster. You'll additionally learn to master Tableau 10, a leading analytics platform for enhancing business insights and intelligence.


How is a program in Data Analytics relevant today?

With the internet now a staple in our everyday lives, businesses have grown increasingly reliant on digital information. Our online footprints are often key to determine new market trends, consumer behaviors, and future industry developments - and those with the skills and knowledge to deciper such data have never been in greater demand.

A program in Data Analytics can equip you with the knowledge to access, manage, and interpret the raw, yet valuable information we continue to generate online. With vast job growth predicted in the coming years, and high salary packages to boot - it's the optimum time to build your skills in data analysis. Additionally, you'll be setting yourself a career path in a field of high job security; with 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day (and counting), it's field that's bound to stay in demand for decades to come.


Will I earn a certificate?

Yes, upon completing the course program and projects, you will gain a certificate of completion.

You'll additionally receive a joint Purdue-Simplilearn certifiate, along with industry-recognised certificates for each of the IBM courses completed.


How do I enrol in this Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics?

To enrol in the Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics, you'll need to first submit an enquiry form via our website. You'll need to provide the following details:
  • Your Name
  • Best Phone Number
  • Email Address
Once you've submitted your online form, one of our education consultants will be in touch within 48 hours.

During the consultation, you'll be able to ask questions regarding payment options, learning content and what career outcomes you can pursue if you complete your studies.


What kind of jobs can I pursue upon completing the course?

There are various roles a Data Analytics student can work in upon completion of the bootcamp. This includes: Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Operations Analysts, Marketing Analysts, and Data Security Analysts.


What payment options are available?

Enrol immediately and pay full price upfront at $3,145 or pay in split payments.

Find out more about other flexible payment plans and get in touch with one of our Education Consultants today.


How do I become a Data Analytics professional?

Through the accessibility of online courses - such as this Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics delivered by Simplilearn and Purdue - becoming a Data Analytics professional has never been easier.

Developed in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with IBM, you'll develop the globally-recognised skills required for a successful data analytics career. Exploring both the fundamentals of data analysis and statistics - along with critical areas of R programming, Python programming, and Tableau training, you'll learn to leverage online data for marketing and business success.

Graduates of this program will have also built the hands-on experience for workplace through industry-relevant projects (including one capstone). You'll be challenged with applying your newfound skills to real-world scenarios, making you "job ready" for potential employers. Additionally, you'll be granted certificates and memberships under Purdue University and IBM, further certifying your expertise in the industry and positioning you as a valuable data analytics professional.


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I have finally completed my Diploma in Counselling. I take this opportunity to thank all the Trainers that walked this journey with me. I thank Travis Hackett, Rosan Lal, and last but not least, Ronnie Lynch who saw me through most of my challenging assignments. I encourage any student doing the Diploma in Counselling, to take one step (assignment) at a time. I learnt that procastination is an enemy of progress. Try not to postpone assignments if possible. I wish you all the very best.


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