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What Australian industries are looking to hire?

By Jana Angeles

It’s an odd time to look for work as many Australians are faced with the challenges of social distancing and are being forced to stay home as much as possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus. While there have been visible results that the country is “flattening the curve”, it’s important that individuals don’t become complacent and still adhere to the restrictions in place until the government decides to lift them. 

With technology, it’s making it possible for companies to continue hiring for positions by using applications like Zoom to have virtual interviews with potential candidates. Of course, there are industries that have been greatly affected due to the coronavirus outbreak, such as retail and hospitality

However, there are companies that are still looking to fill positions despite current economic circumstances. If you’re someone that is interested in taking your career in a different direction and are looking to upskill, these are the Australian industries looking to hire right now

1. Information technology.

IT professionals working at the office

IT is a lucrative job market. With many areas you can specialise in, this is a great industry if you want a good salary, consider yourself an analytical thinker and have a strong interest in building a tech career. 

Whether you’re someone who is keen to kickstart their career in programming or software development, there are plenty of jobs available in the IT industry. Not to mention the flexibility of being able to work remotely as well. According to recent LinkedIn data, there’s been a spike of IT jobs as the hiring growth of the industry has risen by 17% in software services and IT between February 10 and March 19 this year. 

Want to work in IT?

Upskilled has a wide range of IT courses and these can be done online in the comfort of your own home. With popular courses such as programming or digital games, working towards an IT qualification can add value to your skillset and it can help employers recognise that you have the relevant knowledge and skills needed for the IT industry. You can read the success stories of some alumni students in the IT faculty below:
  • Joel Watson studied the ICT40915 - Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games. He mentions that he enjoys the artistic side of game creation and found his course experience wonderful. He also studied the ICT50118 - Diploma of Information Technology. His qualifications from Upskilled have helped him pursue further study in IT at a university level. 
  • Mark Midel studied the ICT40518 - Certificate IV in Programming. Prior to moving to Australia, he already had experience working in programming, however, he knew that he needed a qualification that was nationally-recognised to help him secure employment in the country. He shares that his course experience with Upskilled was rewarding and appreciated its large focus on the technical aspects of programming.  
  • Karly Stephens studied the ICT80115 - Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management. She previously worked as a network administrator but felt like her career progression was stagnating, so she decided that undertaking further study would help her successfully launch her own business. Karly reveals that the course has helped her develop skills and knowledge that made the transition of employee to business owner much easier. 

2. Healthcare.

In the same LinkedIn report, it revealed that jobs in the healthcare industry has risen by 12.6%. Furthermore, The Australian reported that the jobs that were critical for the coronavirus (starting in February 2020) in the healthcare industry include:
  • registered nurses
  • aged and disabled carers
  • nursing support and personal care workers
  • welfare support workers
The list above reveals how much demand there is for essential workers in the healthcare industry right now. While Australia has a low rate of deaths from coronavirus, frontline workers in healthcare are needed to meet the demands of those individuals who do not have capacity to support themselves during the pandemic. Particularly those in the vulnerable population such as the eldery, the socioeconomically disadvantaged and individuals with complex health conditions. 

At the end of March this year, the Australian government announced that to meet the demands of enquiries from the public about coronavirus, they would expand Medicare-subsidised telehealth services and provide extra incentives to GPs and other health practitioners during the pandemic. 

It’s clear that there is a strong demand for health professionals in Australia due to the growing concern of coronavirus and the much needed attention for patients who may have symptoms of the virus. 

Want to work in community services?

If you’re interested in working as a personal care worker or carer, consider studying an online course in community services with Upskilled. There are a range of diploma or certificate-level courses you can do and assessments have a balance of theory and practical elements that are relevant to the industry. 

Courses such as the CHC33015 - Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability Stream) or CHC32015 - Certificate III in Community Services can help you work in roles where you get to help individuals part of the vulnerable population. 

3. Finance. 

woman finance professional looking at expense reports

According to the ABC, the coronavirus has caused increased stress on Australians currently paying off a mortgage. This is because there are individuals who have either been stood down or redundant from their position. With increased financial stress, it’s become apparent that Australians are not coping well with the current economy, especially to those that have had their livelihoods affected due to the coronavirus.

Interestingly enough, Australians who are struggling financially aren’t turning to services such as financial counselling straightaway. However, it’s encouraged to seek professional help as soon as possible rather than waiting later. LinkedIn reports that there has been a growth of demand for professionals in the finance industry and hiring activity has increased by 10.3%

In light of the government’s aid to supporting Australians by providing financial aid such as JobKeeper and also putting a moratorium on forced rental evictions, finance experts are needed for those individuals trying to make ends meet, especially when faced with the risk of losing their jobs or lacking the funds to help them get through unemployment.

Want to work in finance?

If you’re interested in securing a role in the finance industry, Upskilled has courses in financial planning and mortgage broking. These courses are designed to be completed within 12 months and can help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide advice for a client when it comes to their business or personal financial matters.

Improve your job prospects with an online qualification 

If you’re wanting to have a leg up when it comes to finding a new job, it may be time to think about further study to help develop your career. Upskilled has plenty of online courses in business, community services or IT and majority of these have been designed to be completed within 12 months. They can also be flexibly done at home, which can help you manage your personal and work priorities. Get in touch with the Upskilled team on 1300 009 924 and enquire about a course today. 
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