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Careers in IT networking

By Fi Darby | 26 June 2019

The profile of Australia’s information technology industry is a strong one. The advance of the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout has recently been just one factor in an ever-increasing demand for qualified IT network professionals.

With 9.5 million (May 2019) homes and businesses now able to connect to the NBN access network, IT network engineers with the right qualifications are finding employment across Australia and beyond. 

Not only has the number of computer network professionals grown very strongly over the last 5 years, it is expected to have a projected job growth with 17,000 job openings by 2023. Australians already employed in this advancing sector report high earnings, a high percentage of full-time employment and plenty of interesting career opportunities. 

With a strong employment outlook and openings across a number of sectors, it is hardly surprising that more and more Australians are seeking qualifications to enter what has to be one of today’s most exciting and cutting-edge professions.

What jobs are available in IT networking?

  1. IT network designer.
  2. Cloud architect.
  3. Network security engineer.
Until recently, IT networking jobs have recently been associated with larger IT specific organisations but more and more qualified network engineers are finding themselves working as network technicians in small, medium and large businesses across a wide range of industries. 

IT networking job titles include IT Network Designer, IT Network Engineer and Cloud Architect. These roles can lead to a number of varied and interesting career paths for those prepared to gain the required qualifications. Over half of all computer network professionals have Bachelor or higher level qualifications, but training is also available at Certificate and Diploma level.

1. IT network designer.

Network designers work at the cutting edge of IT networking to establish organisational needs and create network infrastructure outlines. They work closely with executives and management to establish business requirements and understand essential business processes.

It is the network designer’s job to make sure that any new system provides robust and effective communication between departments and new or existing IT systems. IT network designers will usually have information technology qualifications, with at least a Diploma, however, most are Bachelor degree qualified.

2. Cloud architect.

cloud computing concept

Cloud computing for business is showing a massive upturn across Australia, with predicted investment suggesting that 6% of IT budgets in 2019 will be spent in the adoption and potential maximisation of cloud computing infrastructure. 

Cloud architects are network engineers who specialise in the implementation of platforms, user interfaces, networks and delivery to meet a range of cloud computing needs. Cloud architects are highly specialised and often have a wide range of vendor mapped qualifications and previous experience in other areas of IT networking.

3. Network security engineer.

A network security engineer is responsible for setting up and maintaining any rules and configurations that contribute to the protection of computer-based network assets. They hold a range of specific qualifications, usually at Diploma level or higher and ensure system protection against viruses and other security infringements. Network security engineers generally work in larger organisations and can expect stable employment.

What courses can I do in IT Networking?

  1. ICT40418 - Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking.
  2. ICT50418 - Diploma of Information Technology Networking.
  3. ICT50118 & ICT50418 - Dual Diploma of IT and IT Networking.
By opting to study IT networking courses online, it is possible to gain further skills that will help you find employment in one of the many IT networking roles now available to those with relevant training and qualifications. Although many people working in this sector have Bachelor level qualifications, courses are also available at Diploma and Certificate level.

1. ICT40418 - Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking.

With this qualification under your belt, you will be able to manage and install smaller networks and be well placed for further qualifications and career advancements. Upskilled’s ICT40418 - Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking includes some vendor-specific training materials and places a main focus on IT networks. This is a 12-month online course suitable for those seeking employment in roles such as network administrator. 

2. ICT50418 - Diploma of Information Technology Networking.

student studying

If you want to learn a combination of basic and higher level IT networking skills, the ICT50418 - Diploma of Information Technology Networking provides exactly that. This 12-month course includes units in complex IT networks, server virtualisation and network security, as well as training for a number of industry-recognised vendor qualifications. It is suitable for those with some industry experience and/or a relevant Certificate III or IV level qualification.

3. ICT50118 & ICT50418 - Dual Diploma of IT and IT Networking.

Upskilled’s ICT50118 & ICT50418 - Dual Diploma of IT and IT Networking (ICT50118 / ICT50418) are two related qualifications for those who might be interested in the management of both computer networks and IT support provision. These can be completed within 12 months and includes training for relevant vendor courses and would suit those with some existing industry experience and qualifications.

Ready to launch your career in IT networking?

Whether you are looking for a new career, or building on your existing one, IT networking provides a stimulating environment and offers great opportunity to expand your analytical thinking skills. Upskilled has a great range of online IT networking courses available, all of which will help significantly improve your skills and knowledge levels.

If you are serious about making your mark (and maybe your fortune) in this burgeoning industry, Upskilled will be happy to recommend the right course for you.

Most Upskilled courses take around 12 months to complete and can help improve your chances when it comes to applying for IT networking jobs. Start your search today and find out how online study can help you further your career.
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