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5 careers where you get to work with children

By Ashleigh Ho | 19 October 2021

Are you passionate about working with young people? A career working with children can be rewarding and exciting. 

You can work with children across a variety of settings, from education to community services to healthcare. Here are some of the best careers that involve working with young people. 

We introduce some of the best careers that involve working with children and youth, as well as how to get started in these jobs. 

What are the best careers that involve working with children?

1. Family support worker.

Family support workers offer guidance and support to children and families in need. In this role, you'll assess the needs of families, resolve issues, and promote wellbeing. Family support workers may also act as a counsellor or mediator, help families find appropriate social services as well as help them navigate the social system. 

A family support worker should have a caring personality, a thorough understanding of the community services industry, and strong skills in problem solving and organisation. So, how does one make a start in this career?

At Upskilled, we have many courses available to help you make a start in the community services industry. A CHC32015 - Certificate III in Community Services is a great entry-level qualification to get you started in a career as a family support worker. 

2. Counsellor.

A counsellor is a great career for those who want to make an impact in the mental health industry. Counsellors work with people of all ages to help them deal with emotional issues or difficulties. Counsellors can work in a diverse range of settings including schools, hospitals, family services and more. 

To become a counsellor, you'll need to have a strong knowledge of the mental health industry. You'll need to understand practices within the industry such as working with other counsellors and developing rehabilitation plans. So, how do you make the first step to become a counsellor?

At Upskilled, we have a CHC51015 - Diploma of Counselling to get you started in your counselling career. In this course, learn how to foster a therapeutic relationship with people in vulnerable situations, as well as develop interpersonal skills in empathy, rapport building, and mediation. 

3. Care worker.

boy in wheelchair at the beach

A care worker can work with children and young people of all ages who have a disability. Care workers work in a variety of settings including in people’s own home and hospitals. The role involves being responsible for the physical care of a person as well as providing emotional support and assistance to those with a variety of needs. 

To be a care worker, you'll need to be skilled in teamwork, as well as be able to provide hygiene support, assist with daily living tasks and provide 24-hour care as needed. So, what qualifications do you need to become a care worker?

Upskilled offers a CHC33015 - Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability), which will put you on the right track to start a career in disability and have the option to work with children and young people. In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of disability care to prepare you for a range of entry-level positions within the disability sector. 

4. Mental health worker.

A mental health worker cares for people of all ages who are experiencing mental health issues, substance abuse, poverty, and other social problems. Mental health workers can work in a range of settings including community centres, schools and hospitals. If you're passionate about youth mental health, this is a great career for you.

A mental health worker needs to have a caring personality, interpersonal and listening skills, critical thinking skills and the ability to work under pressure. 

At Upskilled, a CHC43315 - Certificate IV in Mental Health can equip you with the required skills to enter a career as a mental health worker. The qualification will allow you to develop the specialist skills needed to work with people who have mental health issues. 

5. Community services case manager.

A community services case manager offers guidance and support to people with a range of physical, circumstantial, and mental health issues. This role works closely with other services such as health and support providers. Furthermore, it's expected that employment in case management will grow significantly in the next few years. 

A community services case manager needs to have the ability to work with a range of people with different needs, be able to create and work with treatment plans, and ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

At Upskilled, CHC52015 - Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) is a great qualification to get you started as a community services case manager. The course will give you the opportunity to gain the specific skills needed to become a case manager. 

How to gain the skills required for a career with children

young boy painting rainbow

So, how do you gain the skills needed to work with children and young people? Here are some simple steps to get you started in your career:

1. Do your research.

It's important to decide which setting you'd like to work with children in (remember that working with young people doesn’t only happen in a classroom!). To research what you’re interested in, look at a variety of different jobs and their descriptions. This'll give you an idea of whether your interests are a match for the job. 

2. Start a qualification.

A qualification can help make sure that you have the right skills to work with children and young people. Sometimes, certain jobs require you to have a qualification. At Upskilled, we offer a range of online courses that can help launch you into a career that involves working with youth. 

3. Demonstrate your experience working with kids.

On top of a qualification, it's important to show that you have some experience working with young people. Volunteering or completing an internship is a great way to do this. At Upskilled, all of our courses can be completed flexibly, which means that you have time to hold another job or do some volunteering. 

4. Look for a job.

To find a job, we recommend looking at job search websites such as SEEK and typing in your ideal job into the search bar. Make sure your CV is always up to date!

Start your journey to a career working with children today

If you're wanting a rewarding career where you get to work with children and the youth, then industries such as community services can offer you a variety of work options to choose from. Whether it's counselling or disability, Upskilled has courses available in some of the most rewarding specialisations in the industry. 

With courses being delivered online, you'll be able to study flexibly while also balancing your work and personal commitments. Get in touch with our team on 1300 009 924 and enquire today!
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