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4 meaningful jobs to do if you want to make a difference

By Ben Madden

Ever felt like you’re not getting the most out of your job? You’re not alone. A study from Penna found that when a business creates meaning at work, it can increase motivation by 55%, loyalty by 42%, pride by 32% and productivity by 20%. 

Having a job you find meaningful can be the difference between loving and hating work – but what actually makes a job meaningful?

What are the factors that make a job meaningful?

1. It helps other people.

If you’re working in a job that allows you to help the people in your community, you’re going to feel a lot better about going to work each day. Doing things that make a meaningful impact to others – whether it’s improving their living situation, teaching them new skills or connecting them with other members of the community – will help you feel like you’re making a difference, because you are!

2. It lets people use their talents.

happy colleagues

Have a skillset that you want to share with the world? Finding a job that allows you to use your skills, rather than trying to do things you’re not particularly good at means you’ll feel more satisfied about your role. Everyone has a unique set of skills, and everyone deserves to put those into practice! 

3. It supports a bigger purpose. 

Want to feel part of a team? A fantastic way to do that is through your job, and it’s important for people to see how their job is playing into achieving an overall goal, rather than getting lost in a sea of people. Everyone wants to be part of something that’s making an impact on the world! 

4. It allows people to express themselves. 

No-one wants to try and put on a façade when they’re around other people and given that people spend a lot of time at work, they want to be able to express themselves. If you’re able to provide input at work, rather than have to keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself, then you’ll feel a higher level of satisfaction.

What careers make a difference in the world?

1. Mental Health Worker.

Mental health is becoming a focus for people everywhere, and if you’re looking to help make the lives of Australians better, this is an illustrious career. As a mental health worker, you’ll be able to work with people to help them improve their mental health, as well as learning to help people improve their wellbeing in all areas in their lives.

Recommended course: CHC43315 – Certificate IV in Mental Health

2. WHS Manager.

work health and safety

If you want to help protect people in the workplace, then becoming a WHS Manager may prove to be very rewarding. Everyone deserves to be safe at work, and a WHS manager is responsible for being able to identify workplace hazards, assess risks in the workplace, create and implement emergency procedures as well as addressing any safety complaints. 

Recommended course: BSB51319 - Diploma of Work Health and Safety

3. Alcohol and Other Drugs Worker.

If you’re looking to give back to the community, then becoming an Alcohol and Other Drugs Worker is a distinguished career path. This line of work will see you helping people deal with and overcome their drug and alcohol issues, as well as providing you with the skills to support people who are on the road to recovery.

Recommended course: CHC43215 – Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs 

4. Counsellor.

If you’re someone that is empathetic, or wants to be there to support vulnerable people, then becoming a counsellor is a valuable career path. In becoming a counsellor, you’ll develop advanced interpersonal skills, allowing you to help people in the community that need it most.

Recommended course: CHC51015 – Diploma of Counselling

Why is it important to have a meaningful job?

1. Job Satisfaction.

Ceridian’s The Australia Pay Experience Report found that 38% of Australian workers are unsatisfied with their current job. Finding a meaningful job will mean you’re much more likely to be satisfied with your work!

2. Mental Stimulation. 

Work should be interesting, not repetitive or meaningful. If you find your job mentally stimulating, it’s less likely to get tiresome.

3. Career Progression. 

Want motivation to work hard? Find a meaningful job where you can work your way up the chain! That way, you’ll be excited to put in the extra yards to get to where you want to be.

4. Work-Life Balance. 

Work-life balance is key to a good life, and if you’re someone that places significant importance on it, then it’s important to enjoy your job – otherwise, you might find yourself resenting going to work!

5. Sense Of Identity. 

Your work can positively or negatively affect your sense of identity, depending on what you’re doing. Finding a meaningful job can help you work out who you are as a person and what you value most.

How can I find meaningful jobs that make a difference?

There are a few ways you can find a meaningful job. Websites like EthicalJobs and FlexJobs are detailed resources that allow you to search for roles within non-for-profit organisations and other ethical businesses. Browsing these websites will give you an idea of the roles available, as well as allow you to develop a list of companies that are most appealing.

Develop the skills you need for a meaningful career

If you’re looking to change careers, or climb up the career ladder to help people around you, then Upskilled’s range of nationally recognised qualifications mean you can learn new skills to help you make a difference in your industry, or pivot to one that will be more rewarding. 

If you’re looking to learn more, you can browse our range of courses here, or alternatively get in touch with our education consultants on 1300 009 924 to discuss how you can make your move towards a more meaningful career!

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