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10 careers you didn't know you could study online

By Rosa Ritchie | 21 April 2018

In the past decade the variety of courses available to study online has increased dramatically. Even institutions that typically require physical attendance are transitioning to delivering content online: assessment is almost always submitted online, and lectures are recorded and saved online. It makes study accessible to a wider variety of individuals. It means no commute to classes, or hassling your boss to have your roster fixed to work around your timetable. That's not counting the easy accessibility to your trainer with an online course. Plus studying online doesn't effect your eligibility for government funding. The career of your dreams is literally at your fingertips. Here are ten careers you can kick-start from the couch. 

woman talking to blonde woman therapist  

Helping others, helping you


Studying nutrition and dietetics is a science based course, so be prepared to crunch some numbers and memorise some principles. But more importantly, it’s a fountain of knowledge that will enrich your whole life as well as those of the people you help. For many people, maintaining a healthy diet has become a source of great stress. But being a dietician isn’t merely about helping people lose weight, more broadly dieticians help people eat well, to feel good and perform at their best. This one requires a bachelor degree, but it’s an industry experiencing very strong growth.


CHC51015 - Diploma of Counselling can take you anywhere in the community services industry. There’s heaps of different pathways available to graduates looking to enter the field, and flexibility to move between specialisations. You can focus on drug and alcohol counselling, family counselling or career counselling just to name a few. And whichever direction you take, you get to go to bed every night knowing you’re working hard to help others.  

Working in the digital world

Are you a computer whiz? Here are some options for you.

IT support specialist

You can be the person who fixes the problem. ICT support roles are required across all sorts of industries, so the knowledge you gain studying IT support is highly transferable. A Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT30118) would see you become eligible for a variety of positions, training clients, problem solving or analysing existing systems to see how they might function more efficiently.

Game Design

Need I say more? If you love animation, stories and IT then a career in the digital media industry will suit you perfectly. Working as a game designer involves a balance of creativity and technical skill, and definitely requires further study. If you’re interested in studying digital and interactive games online you have heaps of options. Have a look at the Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games (ICT40915)

 woman publicist chatting on phone

Social butterfly

If you’re a people person, consider these careers.

Public relations specialist

Public relations is one of the vital components of a successful business. PR specialists shape the perception of the business in the public eye. It requires a sound understanding of business as well as PR strategies. It’s an industry that’s set to continue growing. To get started you might consider an Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB61315)

Social Media Management

This is one of a series of new job roles that have arisen in response to the meteoric rise of social media. A decade ago studying social media wasn’t an option, but now there are diplomas and short courses devoted to the topic. Brands and businesses are rapidly cottoning on to the fact that if they want to build a client base, they have to build a following online. If you’re not highly visible on Google in many senses you don’t exist. Specialising in social media gives you the power and ability to shape brands. Social media is about the culture of sharing, involving the customer in a dialogue with the business.

Human Relations

Human relations isn’t just about managing the pay, the hiring and the firing. It’s about making sure everybody is comfortable and happy within a workplace. It’s a sector that’s always developing, and both newcomers as well as people currently working within the field decide to study HR online in order to make sure they have access to the best and most recent knowledge.

Not kidding around

Early Childhood Education

There’s a lot of responsibility involved with teaching, but early childhood education is really fun. Teaching little ones offers a healthy balance of silliness and seriousness in your work day. Your students will rely on you to teach them all about the world and how to navigate it. Frequently in play questions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ arise. Little kids are like little philosophers, always full of questions and eager to better understand the universe. But other than that after studying teaching online, you can expect a workday full of a lot of laughter and joy.  

 dark-skinned woman hospitality worker 

The fun side of business

Conference and Events Management

Get the party started. If you like meeting new people, getting creative and planning thoroughly the good news is the future of the events industry is forecast as very strong growth. Plus, all you need to get started is a diploma!

Hospitality Management

The best things in life are, well, food and drink. Getting to work with vibrant people and tasty, tasty products is basically a dream. This sector of the industry is predicted to experience very strong growth in the next five years. 

Education being available online eliminates half of the excuses people come up with to justify their decision not to upskill. So rather than tuck the idea away for another year, have a  of some of the courses out there and consider updating or increasing in your skills and qualifications.

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