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5 best online courses to boost your CV

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Taking your first step into the workforce? Or perhaps a resume refresh is long overdue? When it comes to crafting a stand-out CV, you can never go wrong with an online course (or two). 

With the vast range of online training options now available, job-seekers can easily gain the qualifications they need to catch the attention of potential employers. Whether it’s to beef up your transferable soft skills, build on your business experience, or modernise your skills for an increasingly digital future, online courses have you covered.

Below, we’ve listed five of the best online courses to help boost your CV, and how each can benefit any career path or industry. 

How can online courses help your career?  

Online courses have long been renowned for offering a more accessible, affordable way of building one’s professional skills. The rising popularity of these programs have been attributed to better employment outcomes – including the ability to gain practical, “work ready” skills for specific industries; the option to build and explore broader skill sets; and the opportunity to advance in one’s role or career path. 

With most online courses (such as those offered by Upskilled) leading to nationally-recognised qualifications, such credentials can help keep one’s skills competitive, valuable, and up-to-date in their chosen industry. 

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Topping that off is their flexible delivery – allowing students to train at a time and place that suits them best. This especially benefits current employees, who may wish to continue boosting their skills around their busy work schedule. Research additionally states that online learning takes 40% to 60% less employee time than traditional, face-to-face training, helping you gain the skill sets to reach your goals in no time.  

5 best online courses to help boost your CV 

BSB50120 – Diploma of Business (Leadership)

Every workplace thrives on effective leadership. This applies to both those in managerial and employee roles – as effective communication, collaboration, and critical thinking are necessary for all workers, regardless of position.

As such, a BSB50120 – Diploma of Business (Leadership) can benefit those of any industry, equipping one with the transferable, interpersonal skills to productively navigate their workplace. You’ll learn to build and manage positive workplace relationships, encourage team effectiveness, plan for risk, and lead your peers to success. Of course, those seeking higher-level, executive roles will particularly find the training they need to climb up the ladder.

Upskilled currently offers this course, along with other business diplomas in operations and organisational development. 

If you simply need a quick boost in your leadership skills, our Short course: Introduction to Leadership & Management can get you started on the fundamentals, taking only up to 4 months to complete. 

BSB40920 – Certificate IV in Project Management Practice 

Similar to business leaders, the technical expertise of project managers is necessary for seeing company plans to success. 

Project management skills are expected to rise as Australia recovers from COVID-19, with the government now pouring billions of funding into new business projects and programs. Whether you’re looking to specialise in project management, or simply wish to broaden your knowledge – skills in this area are now highly valued by employers in any industry. 

Our BSB40920 – Certificate IV in Project Management Practice allows you to hone the skills required to successfully plan, execute, and manage company projects. You’ll not only build experience in specialised project management techniques (such as cost, information, and human resources management), but you’ll also improve on your soft skills, including your communication and emotional intelligence.  

Short Course in Social Media Essentials 

social media concept

In an era where Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram serve as a primary (and effective) means of communication, the business shift to online marketing strategies comes at no surprise.

Those with the skills to navigate and optimise the fast-paced world of social media platforms for business have a leg up on those with lesser experience; as digital communications continue to expand and online marketing grows ever-more competitive. Whether you’re seeking a specialised role in social media marketing or simply looking to upgrade your digital know-how, our Short Course in Social Media Essentials offers the hands-on jumpstart you need. 

Exploring the basics of the internet’s most popular social media sites – including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, you’ll learn to maximise these platforms for greater business visibility, customer engagement, and long-term company profits. You’ll also learn how to target specific audiences and select the appropriate social media channels depending on your business. As the economy grows increasingly reliant on internet transactions and engagement, having these skills on your CV are sure to sharpen your competitive edge. 

ICT30120 – Certificate III in Information Technology (Focus on Basic Cloud Computing)

Alongside social media, cloud computing is another technological staple in our progressively digital business landscape. The rise of COVID-19 has only furthered the need for these services, with Australia seeing a 13% rise in paid cloud computing among businesses between 2017-2018 and 2019-2020. 

Fundamental skills in cloud computing are thus valuable for any modern career path, helping you navigate a new, yet increasingly adopted technology. Our ICT30120 – Certificate III in Information Technology (Focus on Basic Cloud Computing) can help equip you with the basics – such as the impact cloud services can have on a business, how to choose between available solutions, and the security processes involved with such platforms.

The course offers plenty of transferable IT skills, including introductory programming and software installation, while exploring the technicalities of cloud computing for those looking to specialise in the area. 

With the cloud computing field experiencing an ever-widening skills gap, flexing these credentials on your CV are bound to turn employers’ heads. Additionally, those seeking a focused career in the field may just find generous salary packages, to boot. 

ICT30120 – Certificate III in Information Technology (Focus on Basic Cyber Security Awareness)

Finally, the digital skills to protect one’s business data is invaluable, as cyber crimes continue to run rampant (particularly amidst current work-from-home procedures). Knowing the right tools, services, and practices to keep your online information safe is a necessity for any employee, regardless of their role or industry. 

Our ICT30120 – Certificate III in Information Technology (Focus on Basic Cyber Security Awareness) can help you gain the fundamental skills and knowledge to promote a healthy cyber security culture in the workplace. You’ll learn the best practices of cyber security, along with the skills to identify, manage, and report potential online threats. Other general, transferable IT skills are also addressed, such as basic programming techniques, installation of operating system software, and providing IT-related advice to clients. 

As with cloud computing, Australia also faces an alarming skills shortage in cyber securitymaking this a field ripe with lucrative opportunities for those looking to specialise in the area.

Make a splash in the job market today! 

Alongside these courses, Upskilled offers a wide range of online qualifications across Australia’s most in-demand skills areas – from short courses in management and marketing to bachelor’s degrees in IT. 

Whether it’s to pursue your professional passions or to simply give your CV a boost, online courses are often the most flexible, accessible, and engaging way to build your skills. 

Enquire with us on a course to start achieving your career goals today. 
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