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3 careers for people who are easily distracted

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

As social media and high-tech advancements run rampant – it’s no surprise we’re more distracted than ever before.

With our social communications, business transactions, and everyday news at our fingertips, it’s all too easy to fall prey to our digital impulses – whether it’s to quickly check our inbox for new e-mails, get caught up on the latest politics, or simply keep tabs on our friends’ new Instagram posts. As information grows ever easier to access, coupled with new apps, digital tools, and platforms; it’s inevitable to have increasingly divided attention spans. 

However, studies have also discovered “mind-wandering tendencies” to be a common personality trait, more so among the naturally curious and creative. And like plenty of character traits, the habit can be leveraged among careers that seek those with higher levels of imagination and inquisition.

SkillsTalk explore these career paths below, and how each is well-suited for the qualities of the “easily-distracted”.

1. Social media marketer/Content creator.

social media concept

If you can’t seem to take your eyes off social media – then why not make it a job?

Social media marketers capitalise on the now-widespread use of social media among both corporations and individuals. They help build a strong, unique brand image across the web’s most popular platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.); facilitating conversation among their audience, tending to customer inquiries, and sharing updates on the latest business events, products, and promotions. 

With a fast-paced, constantly moving landscape to play off of, the field offers little chance for boredom or repetition.

There’s always new information to share, competitor profiles to follow and learn from, and influencers on every cyber-corner for potential collaboration opportunities. 

In a similar vein, online content creators focus less on the marketing strategies of social media – and more on creating new, original material to share or publish. These can include on-brand videos, social media images, and blogposts. Since there’s always an opportunity for new, innovative content (and user demands tend to fluctuate at a rapid pace), content creators are required to constantly work their creative gears, leaving little room for tedium. 

According to Payscale, the average social media marketing salary currently sits at $62,644, with content creators earning an average of $76,113 – based on Neuvoo statistics. 

Those seeking to learn or hone their social media marketing skills may find the training they’re after through the 10118NAT - Diploma of Social Media Marketing. Aspiring marketers get to dive into the common methods and practices of social media, e-mail, and online brand marketing – offering them the skills boost they need to pursue various roles in digital marketing and content creation.  

2. Entrepreneur/Salesperson.

Those who pride in their business drive and endless bank of inventive ideas may be well-suited for an entrepreneurial career. With the flexibility to pursue whatever field, projects, and career goals they choose – the role offers a vast, free-for-all space for individuals to explore various ideas, skills, and business strategies. 

Having full autonomy over their work, the “easily distracted” can use their natural curiosity to find new, unconventional – and possibly more effective ways – of achieving the business outcomes they desire. 

Additionally, being able to constantly meet new people and traverse new industries allows these individuals to exercise their “openness to experience”; which, according to multiple meta-analyses, are high among those in entrepreneurial roles. This means they differ from traditional management or leadership positions, leaning more towards new, “novel” ideas and being less tolerant of routine and predictability (much like those generally prone to distractions). 

Similarly, those who exhibit these traits can also pursue the role of a salesperson. While you’ll be working under an existing business (rather than your own), the career lets you explore the many clever and creative ways of marketing products, and building rapport with potential customers. You’ll also be meeting and socialising with various people and personalities – making each day different from the last. 

For those looking to enhance their business skills, Upskilled offers the BSB50120 Diploma of Business. Learn vital strategies in organisational development, workplace policy, financial management, and plenty more.

3. Software developer.

team of young software developers

The world of IT is tailor-made for those with hyperactive minds; being an industry of constant change, evolution, and development. Australia’s current IT sector is considered one of the nation’s strongest and fastest-growing fields, with 100,000 new technology workers expected between 2018 and 2024.

An industry as dynamic and unpredictable as this one may just be a suitable match among the more “restless” of workers. Software development is currently one of the largest sub-sectors of the field in Australia, with plenty of opportunities to freelance (an ideal position for the more entrepreneurial) and pursue online training. 

With the multiple tasks and project types it offers (including, but not limited to, developing new software products; testing and debugging existing programs; and coaching junior developers), no two days are ever the same. Since the world of tech is constantly moving, developers will also need to continuously learn new skills and areas of expertise – as well as keep tabs on the latest events and industry happenings. 

Software developers are additionally required constantly build on their bank of programming knowledge, with Javascript, C#, SQL, Java, and .NET among the most vital languages for any professional. 

According to Payscale, the average software developer in Australia earns $69,334 a year – with high potential for greater earnings as experience increases. Those looking to get started in the field can explore Upskilled’s selection of programming courses; from basic training in the ICT40518 - Certificate IV in Programming to a full-fledged ICT50718 - Diploma of Software Development. 

Exploring the fundamentals of coding, cloud computing, and application development, graduates of these courses will be well-equipped to pursue entry-level opportunities as a software developer.

Think these roles are a good fit? 

If you find yourself drawn to any of these roles (or are simply looking to explore your career opportunities), Upskilled offers a wide range of courses to get you started on the training you need. From career paths in IT to those in general business management, Upskilled can help equip you with the skills to pursue your ideal industry.
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