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Top 5 most enjoyable jobs in Australia

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay | 13 August 2020

What are the most enjoyable jobs in Australia? Landing a job is hard enough on its own, but landing one that fulfills you – now that’s a tougher challenge. Yet, it remains the ultimate career goal for most of us.

While the 2019 Employee Census by ABS found that most Australians are committed to and passionate about their jobs, dissatisfaction remains an unfortunate reality for many. Plenty of factors play into this – including stress, pay, and inflexible working arrangements. 

To achieve job happiness, it thus makes sense to pursue roles offering greater autonomy and higher salaries. However, consulting agency CMA argues that “job” fit – or how well one’s skills and education match their role – is the greatest determinant of job satisfaction. 

Alongside job security, company culture, pay, and a healthy work-life balance; qualifications play a crucial role in landing an “enjoyable” job. Professional training equips one with the skills to pursue their desired field, leading to greater “job fit”, and thus, greater work satisfaction

Below, SkillsTalk explore some of Australia’s most “enjoyable” jobs and industries – along with tips for landing a fulfilling job, and how upskilling can help. 

The best industries that report the happiest people 

In a recent survey by The Wellbeing Lab, findings reported high levels of job satisfaction among those in consulting, science and technology, and social services.

On an individual job level, management and director roles (CEOs, COOs, and CFOs, etc.) were unsurprisingly cited as having the highest levels of happiness. These positions were almost twice as likely to be thriving than the roles under them. Therefore – the higher up on the ladder you are, the greater your job satisfaction.

As mentioned, high “job fit” influences much of these happiness levels. 

The most satisfied workers reported having their work valued and supported by colleagues, as well as having a passion for their tasks. Autonomy and strong, engaging relationships also played a major role with satisfaction. 

Those who reported unhappiness felt “less in control “of the work they did and experienced less support from those in their team. 

The most enjoyable jobs in Australia 

man smiling at digital tablet

Pull from real-time data by SEEK, we’ve compiled the twenty most “enjoyable” jobs in Australia below. These roles rank above four stars in “job satisfaction” on the job site, rated by current employees.

We further dive into five popular job roles as of 2020 – but since enjoyability is subjective, we discuss the best
choices based on salary, industry demand, and satisfaction rate.
Rank (by Satisfaction Job Role Average Salary*
1 Firefighter $68,250
2 Nutritionist $85,367
Teacher's Aide $38,845
4 Counsellor $68,459
5 Managing Director $120,000
6 Practice Nurse $55,522
7 Accountant $54,404
8 Accounts Officer $52,814
9 Brand Manager $79,688
10 Community Support Worker $53,110
11 Field Service Technician $66,802
12 Handyperson $57,457
13 Java Developer $80,788
14 Logistics Coodinator $67,107
15 Music Teacher $66,692
16 Occupational Therapist $64,069
17  Personal Care Assistant $46,084
18 Photographer $54,373
19 Project Manager $98,300
20 Supply Chain Manager $114,976

*based on July 2020 Payscale statistics.


Counsellors rank among the top five roles of highest job satisfaction, with weekly earnings averaging at $1,584, above the all-jobs average of $1,460 (source: JobOutlook). The ability to work on a flexible schedule and aid people’s lives for the better lends to greater rates of happiness and fulfillment among those in the industry. Additionally, it's an ideal career path for those who enjoy solving problems, meeting new people, and building new relationships. 

The industry has experienced extreme growth in the past five years, rising from 19,200 workers in 2014 to 31,200 in 2019.

Managing Director

Being high up the employment chain, it’s no wonder that managing directors experience high levels of job happiness. This role provides those with innovative vision and strong leadership skills the opportunity to direct a business towards financial success. Extensive experience is often required to achieve this position, though workers enjoy a high average salary of $120,000.

Managing directors are expected to experience a 0.7% job growth in the next five years, according to SEEK. 

Java Developer

coding concept

As our society grows ever-reliant on technology, the industry increasingly requires new workers to keep up with demand – one such role being a Java Developer. Demand for these professionals are plenty, and continues to rise as the coding language remains a staple in developing new online platforms and applications. 

The field of software development shows no signs of stopping, rising from 80,200 workers in 2014 to a whopping 135,000 in 2019. Java developers, in particular, enjoy an average high salary of $80,788, with opportunity for greater earnings as experience grows. 

Project Manager

The ability to exercise one’s leadership and people skills make project management an often fulfilling role for many. Though ranking lower in the chart above, the role provides plenty of autonomy – as you’re in charge of guiding a team to project success, in whatever creative ways you see fit. You’ll also have the opportunity of working with others from various backgrounds, build new relationships, and contribute to the overall growth of your company.

Project managers currently enjoy an average salary of $98,300 per year, with the field set for a 6.2% projected job growth in the next five years (according to SEEK). 

Brand Manager

Brand managers are tasked with the creative responsibility of shaping, upholding, and if necessary – revisioning their company’s public image. With the freedom to think out-of-the-box and being an often dynamic, fast-paced field (with constant new challenges and insights); the role ranks among SEEK’s top ten job titles of high employee satisfaction. 

These professionals also enjoy a higher-than-average weekly pay of $2,224 per week, with strong growth expected in the coming years – having risen from 133,600 workers in 2014 to 161,200 in 2019.

Tips on landing a job you’ll love 

Finding a job you love can be a challenge, though there are few ways to make your hunt easier. 

It firstly helps outline your interests and current skillset. Online career quizzes, such as Job Outlook’s, can help you match your work style and passions to the best-fitting career paths available. Determining these choices grant you a helpful starting point for what ideal job to look for.

Next, do a skills audit. Do you currently have the abilities to pursue these roles? If you find yourself desiring a role that you’re currently less-than-skilled for – an internship, course, or apprenticeship can help equip you for employment success. 

Finally, do your research. Job satisfaction isn’t solely dependent on how well your skills and interests match the role – but also how well the role matches you. More specifically – your lifestyle and financial needs. 

Do a background search on the company to determine if their company culture is a good fit. Evaluate the flexibility the role provides and the average salary it offers. Each of these factors also play a crucial part in how likely you’ll feel satisfied on the job. 

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