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What short courses are in-demand?

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Looking to further your skills, yet lack the time in your schedule for a full-fledged degree? 

Short courses are an often popular option for those seeking a quick boost in expertise, to bridge a skills gap, or to simply dabble in a new career field. The brevity and accessibility of such programs make them the perfect study pathway for busy professionals; and with many now available online, plenty are given the flexibility of choosing when, where, and how they wish to learn. 

Below, we dive into all you need to know about short courses, the benefits of pursuing one, and those currently in-demand in Australia.  

What is a short course? 

Short courses are defined by their expedited study experience – allowing students to build a specific set of skills within a quick span of time. Typically, such programs only take weeks or months to complete; an ideal choice for those simply looking to train for the short-term.

Due to their compacted modules, many short courses often focus on the “essentials” or “basics” of a particular field, equipping one with fundamental knowledge to specialise or pursue higher-level qualifications. Upskilled, for instance, offers plenty of short courses addressing “entry-level” skill sets in tech, social media, and business management. 

Short courses are also highly beneficial for those working in interdisciplinary fields, in which various specialisations are available under a specific industry. Such programs can thus help advance your skills to keep you competitive and employable within your field. For example, those who currently work in business management may take a short course in social media to improve their online marketing skills – abilities that overlap with general business expertise. 

Can a short course get you a job?

job interview concept

Studying short courses can let you kickstart your skillset in a specific field, helping you pursue work experience opportunities or higher-level qualifications – both of which may eventually lead to a full-time job role. 

As mentioned, as these programs allow you to diversify your skillset, current professionals can advance their chances of landing promotions or salary raises. They also help in keeping one’s skills up-to-date and competitive. If they wanted to, a short course could also help workers shift across specialisations within their current industry. 

Finally, short courses also offer the opportunity of networking with others in your field, helping broaden your horizons with potential job opportunities. In plenty of industries, it’s often “who” you know that can land you your career – and a course can help you rub shoulders with potentially valuable contacts in your field. 

3 in-demand short courses you can do

Now that you’ve learned the advantages of pursuing a short course, below are three of the most in-demand programs in Australia today. 

Short course in Leadership and Management

An introductory Short Course for Leadership and Management can help you build the communication, problem-solving, and collaborative skills you need for any workplace. Though focusing on those seeking leadership roles in a business, the program equips you with plenty of transferable corporate skills – valued by all employers, regardless of your position. 

Upskilled currently offers this program, with subjects that concentrate on managing team efficiency, nurturing successful work relationships, and leading effective communication in the workplace. The course takes up to 4 months to complete and is well suited to existing leaders looking to further their skills, or those seeking to make a move to more executive, management-level positions. 

Students who complete the course earn a Statement of Attainment in BSB40520 - Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, and can go on to pursue certificate IV or diploma courses in business.

Short course in Project Management

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Got a knack for managing projects and supporting your team to success? A Short Course in Project Management can help further your skills in the area, arming you with the fundamentals to specialise in project manager roles. Though highly recommended for those in (or seeking) the role of project support officers, small business operators, or general business professionals; the skills of this program are, once again, transferable across any field or company. 

Those interested can also pursue this course through Upskilled, helping build their skills in specific areas of project scope management, project quality management, and project time management. The program takes up to 4 months to complete, and can also advance your soft skills in strategic planning, critical thinking, and team collaboration. 

Students who complete the course earn a Statement of Attainment in 40920 - Certificate IV in Project Management Practice (Scope, Time & Quality), and can go on to pursue certificate IV or diploma courses in business or marketing. 

Short course in Advanced Leadership

Finally, a Short Course in Advanced Leadership and Management can help further boost the skills of those currently in business management roles. This program is dedicated to helping you advance your current leadership strategies, helping sustain a workplace of productivity, harmony, and collaboration. 

Upskilled currently offers this course, with subjects focused on improving one’s communication, team management, and relationship-building skills. The program takes up to 4 months to complete, and is well-suited to those in team leader, business manager, or consultant-type roles.

Students who complete the course earn a Statement of Attainment in BSB50120 – Diploma of Business (Leadership) (For Existing Leaders or Managers), and can go on to pursue certificate IV or diploma courses in business, marketing, or project management. 

Are short courses worth it? 

Through their comprehensive training and swift timeframe, short courses are well worth it among those seeking a quick skills boost to advance their career. As mentioned, these programs are helpful for those balancing various commitments and a busy work schedule – as they typically take up less time and investment compared to traditional degrees. 

They therefore add valuable credentials to one’s resume in a quick timespan, and offer a stepping stone towards higher-level qualifications should one wish to pursue them. With many now available online, short courses can also offer the flexibility of training around your schedule or studying from the comfort of your own home. 

Build your skills through a short course today! 

With the many benefits short courses provide, their popularity among professionals is unsurprising. Whether it’s to enter a new industry or sharpen yourself for that promotion, there’s never a bad time to pursue these quick boosts in skill. 

Upskilled currently offers a wide selection of online short courses, from essentials in business management to specific areas in marketing. Best of all, each program is delivered online, helping you study according to your particular needs and schedule. 

Upskill for your dream career today, and enquire with us on a course.

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