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3 short courses you can do to build skills now

By Ashleigh Ho

Want to gain in-demand skills? A short course could be perfect for you. These courses can teach you applicable knowledge to excel in your career as well as help you take a step closer towards your desired career path. 

They can also help you get a taste of an industry that you may be interested in working in the future. 

3 short courses you can do to build skills

At Upskilled, we offer a range of courses that can be completed over a short period of time. They can be done conveniently in an online setting and at your own pace. We also offer student support to all students so that they can reach their full potential. Here are our top short courses:

1. ICTSS00109 - Entry to Tech Skill Set.

Upskilled’s ICTSS00109 - Entry to Tech Skill Set is a great course for those wanting to work in the information technology industry. The course will equip you with the basic technical knowledge and general ICT skills needed to get familiar with and work in the industry. 

This course can be completed over the duration of 6 months. Its introductory level makes it suitable for those just starting out in their career, career changers, or people who want to boost their knowledge and skills for their current workplace.

What skills will you learn? 

The ICTSS00109 - Entry to Tech Skill Set will help you develop skills for a career in IT, such as:  
  • Introductory programming
  • Working collaboratively in an IT team
  • Evaluating characteristics of cloud computing
On top of these, you may also gain soft skills in problem solving, critical thinking and analysis. 

2. SMC-Essentials - Social Media Essentials.

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SMC-Essentials - Social Media Essentials is a short course that can provide you practical skills in building social media strategies. It's also a course suitable for those who want an opportunity to learn about the basic fundamentals of social media. With a duration of 5 weeks, this course is great for people wanting to pick up new applicable skills quickly. 

What skills will you learn? 

This course teaches the development of social media strategies for platforms such as: 
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
You'll also get an overview of the digital and social media landscape and how they fit within a broader marketing context. 

3. SMC-Intensive - Social Media Intensive.

The SMC-Intensive - Social Media Intensive is a quick 10-week course, great for those interested in social media marketing. The course is comprehensive in nature and teaches practical marketing skills for a range of social media platforms. 

Students in this course are supported throughout and can receive mentorship from experienced social media marketers and entrepreneurs. These mentors add to the practicality of the course as they assist students in the application of their newfound marketing skills.  

What skills will you learn?

In this course, you'll go through various modules that teach social media marketing for platforms such as: 
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
You could also gain valuable skills in copywriting, personal branding, and email marketing. 

Looking to gain specific skills in specific social channels? Be sure to check out the following social media marketing short courses below: 

How can short courses help boost my career?

woman working from home online learning

Short courses can help give you a career boost in a short period of time. They can go on your CV, help set you out from the crowd in a competitive job market and may even provide networking opportunities. They can also help ‘plug’ knowledge gaps and give you practical experience before you enter the workforce. 

A short course can also be a great way for someone with a bachelor’s degree to gain extra skills and knowledge. For example, the SMC-Intensive - Social Media Intensive, offers in-depth teaching of the creation of marketing strategies, specifically for individual social media platforms. 

Moreover, short courses can be a pathway or stepping-stone for further training. At Upskilled, we offer a range of online courses including certificates and diplomas. We also have bachelor courses available through our partner university, La Trobe University. Check out the variety of courses available today. 

Short courses can also help build soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication, which are highly valued in the workplace. 

Explore your short course options with Upskilled today

Short courses are a great way to gain skills and get ahead in your career. Check out the short courses available at Upskilled today to find a course that fits your needs. We have education consultants available to help you find something that’s right for you. Explore your options today.
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