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4 fun jobs you can do in Australia

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

A wise man once said, “choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” 

When it comes to choosing your career path – money, stability, and practicality are often at the forefront of priorities, but who’s to say a well-paying, stable job can’t be fun too? 

Recent workplace studies have found that high engagement and a sense of purpose are among the topmost factors valued by our current workforce. The ability to make bank has increasingly taken the backseat to passionate, meaningful, enjoyable work. 

Fortunately, Australia’s current job landscape offers plenty of opportunities that offer both. We dive into our top four fun, high-paying jobs in the country below, and how online training can help you land one.

What are some fun jobs that also pay well?

Social media marketer

If you can’t seem to log off Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, and Snapchat – then why not turn your social media obsession into a career? 

Social media marketers use their online savviness to communicate with a company’s customers, vendors, and competitors through their social media pages and profiles. These professionals are proud social media savants with an in-depth knowledge of the algorithms, user culture, best practices, and popular forms of content across varying social media platforms.

Those who enjoy exploring and getting creative with these online tools may just find their ideal career in social media marketing. Upskilled currently offers aspiring professionals with a 10904NAT – Diploma of Social Media Marketing to help one hone their skills in common online marketing, communication, and advertising strategies.

Salary range: $72,768 – $85,003 AUD (

Video game designer

video game designers at work

If you’ve got a passion for the latest shooters, multiplayers, and RPGs – then the video game industry may be right up your alley. 

Those seeking to dive into the ins-and-outs of modern video games may be suited for the role of a video game designer; where one combines their creativity and coding prowess to create PC, mobile, or console-based games. Game designers may also be focused on a specific element of gameplay – be it the environments, the characters, the animation, or the game’s rule system – providing aspiring professionals with the choice to further specialise their design skills.

As programming tasks typically comprise much of the role, individuals looking to brush up on their coding knowledge can build their skills through the vast range of online training options available. Upskilled, for one, currently offers an ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming), equipping students with the basics of programming languages, coding for software applications, database creation, and much more. 

Salary range: $45,000 - $103,000 AUD (Payscale AU)

Ethical hacker

With cybercrimes on an upward trend (both nationally and globally), cybersecurity specialists are increasingly sought after to maintain and improve data protection. Amidst the field’s varying roles and specialties, ethical hackers have been consistently cited as one of the most “fun” and high-paying careers to date. 

If hackers and their methods fascinate you, the role of ethical hacking places you in the shoes of a cybercriminal – testing, probing, and penetrating a company’s systems to identify any security weaknesses or vulnerabilities. These include assessing their web or network applications, operating systems, and devices, preemptively spotting security flaws before potential attackers do. Their findings are then used to mitigate such risks and improve a business’ security methods and practices. 

While a degree in IT or cybersecurity is common among employees in the field, employers may also see experience as a substitute for formal education. Individuals can also deepen their knowledge through online cybersecurity courses – such as Upskilled’s ICT50120 – Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security) – which typically dive into the basics of penetration testing, threat data analysis, disaster recovery, and plenty other related skills. 

Salary range: $44,900 – $129,000 AUD (SalaryExplorer)

Freelance writer

Finally, if you seek a flexible job and excel in written communication, then perhaps you’ll find both financial and career fulfillment through freelance writing. 

Those in this role turn their passion and skills in creative writing into a solo business venture; offering their talents as a service to other businesses or individual clients. The profession will typically tend to a wide variety of written projects, including online copywriting, social media content, blog content, sales writing, and e-mail marketing.

As a freelancer, you’ll also have the opportunity to set your own hours and service rates, giving you the chance to be your own independent “boss”. The ability to work from home also often grants freelance writers with a healthy work-life balance. 

Since the role involves marketing yourself and reaching out to potential clients online, honing your skills in social media marketing is often recommended. As mentioned, Upskilled offers a variety of courses in social media to help train professionals in building a successful online brand.

Salary range: $42,000 – $156,000 AUD (Payscale)

What to keep in mind before choosing a fun job? 

Pursuing a “fun job” can lead to greater personal and professional fulfillment in the long-term, as you’re likely to feel more engaged and motivated in what you do. 

It’s important to note, however, that “fun” is subjective – and some people’s idea of a “fun job” may be more attainable than others. 

When faced with choosing between your passion or an attractive pay check, be sure to make an honest assessment of your current means, financial responsibilities, skillset, experience, and long-term goals. Experts advise in putting your immediate, basic needs first – which may involve finding work in a stable, yet less interesting field. Sticking with a boring job that pays well can help you build the financial means to chase lower-paying, yet more “fun”, enjoyable career paths in the future. 

As listed above, however, there are fortunately plenty of industries that are high-paying, in-demand, and at the same time – offer highly engaging careers. From banking on your creative writing talents to building the next hit video game; job-seekers now have plenty of fun and lucrative options on the market. 

What fun job is the most well paid?

cyber security concept

While freelance writers hold the highest salary range of the four mentioned above, ethical hackers hold the highest average salary, with certified professionals in Australia earning about $101,152 AUD a year (Source: Payscale). 

With Australia currently facing a growing skills gap in cyber security (requiring an extra 17,600 workers in the sector by 2026), the demand for talents in the field is at an all-time high. These include the skills of ethical hackers and their knowledge in improving a company’s security systems and practices. 

The current shortage in expertise has thus resulted in high potential salaries to attract more workers. Not only do the tech-savvy have an opportunity to tap into a growing, thrilling, and challenging sector of IT – but they’ll also be well-paid for their efforts, to boot.

Land your dream job with the right skillset!

As mentioned, Upskilled offers a wide range of courses to help you get started in pursuing your ideal career.

With short courses, certificates, and diploma programs across Australia’s thriving industries; students can build the skills and experience they need to land both an interesting and well-paid job. 

Best of all, each course is delivered online, helping you train according to your needs and schedule.

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