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5 of the best courses and careers for creative thinkers

By Fi Darby | 23 March 2018

Whether you are taking your first steps of independence into the world of employment or considering rerouting down another career path, it can be difficult to decide which would be the right career for you. Do you head for the big bucks and chase the money or do you choose a career that will play to your strengths and give your much-loved hobbies an additional outlet? One thing is for sure; a career is no longer something you should fall into. These days you should seriously consider your skills, traits and interests when deciding which career routes to pursue. We look at some of the traits of creative thinkers and five of the top creative careers. 

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5 signs and traits of creative thinkers

Creativity can be a difficult characteristic to pin down because it tends to involve so many of our skills and behaviours. Creative thinkers often have such active minds that they forget to stop and think about how their creativity reveals itself in their behaviour. In order to make sure your choice of creative careers is going to play to your strengths and give your creativity the outlet it needs, we have listed our top five creative thinker signs and traits. 

People watching helps you to generate ideas but you value time spent alone.

  • When you are giving your creative side an outlet, you keep strange hours and forget lunch.
  • You are highly motivated and actively seek out new experiences and their related sensations.
  • Your high level of curiosity leads to deep, meaningful conversations or a wondering mind.
  • Your friends think you are a great mate and a pain in the butt in equal measure.  

5 career advantages to being a creative thinker

The classic image of a creative thinker, working alone with his or her thoughts, is not necessarily one that sits easily with the workplace but there are creative careers out there that could suit your habits, your hobbies and your personality traits. Before you start choosing a new creative career, give your self-esteem a boost by taking a look at our 5 career advantages to being a creative thinker.

  1. In business, creative thinkers are often the people who ask questions before customers do, giving the team time to develop considered and effective answers before they need them.
  2. Creative thinkers are not only willing to try new ideas; they are the people who will have the new ideas in the first place.
  3. Creative thinkers take a problem-solving approach rather than a problem finding one.
  4. Creative thinkers value their independence and are happy to work autonomously.
  5. Creative thinkers are willing to take risks that often lead to original and exciting solutions. 

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5 of the best creative career outlets

  1. Creative careers in marketing.
  2. Creative careers for multimedia specialists and web developers.
  3. Creative careers in events and tourism.
  4. Creative careers in beauty therapy.

You can see from the list above how useful creativity can be in any number of careers but, if you are feeling the need for a few more specific creative careers ideas, our suggestions below could be useful. 

1. Creative careers in marketing.

The world of marketing is an exciting and competitive one and it is often the marketing strategy with the most creative and extraordinary ideas that wins the day. With future growth showing as ‘strong’ for advertising and marketing professionals, this could definitely be the right career for you. For more detailed information about choosing an online marketing course, take a look at our 2018 marketing industry outlook article.

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2. Creative careers for multimedia specialists and web developers.

In the IT industry, creativity is as important as having an analytical approach. It is creative ideas that make web development and games creation specialists stand out from the crowd. Although job growth for multimedia specialists and web developers has slowed down, it is still showing as ‘stable’ and is unlikely to shrink further. If you have already created your own website or if gaming is one of your hobbies, the online courses below will be of interest.

Course Suggestions

3. Creative careers in events and tourism.

If you recognise the creative personality traits of curiosity and new experience seeking, then the creative careers in events and tourism will certainly appeal to you. Event organisers are in demand with a future growth projection of ‘very strong’ so this could be a lucrative, as well as rewarding, option.

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4. Creative careers in beauty therapy.

With projected future growth for beauty therapists set as ‘very strong’ and thousands of beauty salons across Australia, this is a creative career to consider. If you need more information about the beauty therapy industry, take a look at our quick guide.

Course Suggestions

  • If you are already living out your creative dream in the beauty therapy industry, maybe it is time to look forward to running your own salon. With our Diploma of Salon Management (SHB50216) you can be the boss of your business, having the freedom to choose the overall theme and variety of services offered.

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I am a creative thinker, what are my other career options?

If the suggested careers and courses above don’t appeal to you, don’t despair. There are lots of other careers out there that will play to your strengths and give you the creative independence you are looking for. Our article on ‘Online Courses to Accelerate Your Career in 2018’ might give you some more ideas and help you find the right career for you.

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