Five exciting job roles to consider

By Fi Darby | 15 March 2019

If you think that the job roles you see advertised today will be exactly the same in five years time, think again. With politics, social media and disruptive technology all taking a hand in the job mash-up, job roles in Australia are more exciting, more diverse and more liable to change than ever before. When it comes to choosing a job, most of us are looking for a role that will challenge us, keep us interested and fund interesting and diverse lifestyles.

Suitable jobs for Australians still depend on skill sets and levels of education but never has there been an era where personality and networking potential has been so important. Whether you are new to the workforce or looking for a career change, try to be open minded about the possibilities. We have five exciting job roles in Australia for you to consider.

Exciting career options

  1. Help desk team leader.
  2. Accountant.
  3. Event manager.
  4. Digital marketing strategist.
  5. Beauty therapist.

1. Help desk team leader.

team working in a modern office

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to think of job roles in Australia that don’t, in some way, involve the hardware and software that makes up today’s technology. Imagine a role in which you are always in demand, often at the cutting edge of technological advancement and regularly offering key advice to business leaders.

Choosing a job in technology isn’t always easy because there are so many options but the job role of a help desk team leader necessitates the perfect balance of technological savvy, people skills and business understanding, enough, we are sure you will agree, to keep the most eager of minds occupied. As a help desk team leader, no two days will ever be the same. You could go from overseeing a networking crisis to briefing the CEO in the same day. Your decisions and recommendations will have far-reaching implications for everyone in your company. This is definitely one of the suitable jobs for anyone who wants variety and interest.

2. Accountant.

working with graphs

When you think about it, the role of accountant has to be one of the top job roles in Australia. From aerial giant Quantas to the smallest start-up freelance, all companies have to keep accurate records and pay tax and very few of them want to do this job themselves. Good accountants are valued, appreciated and often well rewarded by their clients. We all consider different factors when we are choosing a job but one important one has to be the ‘job for life’ question.

With technology facilitating enormous change in many industries, accountancy is a safe choice but safe doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Forget the image of a suited figure hunched over a desk, today’s accountants work with inspirational business leaders, travel the world and are often entrepreneurs in their own right. When it comes to choosing a job, accountancy has to be up there as one of the most versatile and interesting.

3. Event manager.

table set up for event

The job role of event manager has a glitzy image and rightly so, nobody wants to attend a boring event. It is true that this is a suitable job for those with a flair for creativity and ideas; however, event management is one of those job roles in Australia that also helps you develop a whole range of interesting and stimulating skills.

Consulting with clients from a wide range of industry sectors, selecting and coordinating multiple service providers and understanding how to give an event exactly the right touch of something special, are all key skills you will enjoy learning if you are successful in choosing a job in this sector. Event management in Australia is ever-changing as clients pick up on new competitor choices and customer expectations.  Keeping ahead of exciting event management trends will be a big part of this role into the future. If you are thinking of choosing a job with endless possibilities, the role of event manager could b​e your kind of party!

4. Digital marketing strategist

person using smart phone

If you haven’t noticed the rise of digital marketing across Australia, you haven’t been paying attention. Most of us, by now, understand how vital digital marketing techniques are and the exponential impact they are having across a whole range of job roles. In Australia during 2017, mobile phones were used for one in five online purchases and it is predicted that, by 2020, 10% of all purchases will be made online. This has resulted in high competition and workforce demand. If your skills are digital, the role of digital marketing strategist is one of the suitable jobs for you.

Digital marketing strategists don’t just create social media campaigns or oversee website creation, their role requires them to be innovative and creative in order to understand and meet the demands of marketing trends before their competitors, and they need to be able to jump instantly from analysing data to consulting with senior management teams. This is a high-adrenaline and rewarding job role.

5. Beauty therapist.

painting nails purple

If you love meeting people and making them feel relaxed, of all the job roles in Australia, the role of beauty therapist might be a suitable job for you. Behind every client who comes for beauty therapy, you will find a personality and a story. Beauty treatment for many people isn’t just about looking great, it encompasses all kinds of mental health, image awareness and acceptance issues and a good beauty therapist will unobtrusively offer understanding and reassurance at the same time as giving practical help.

The beauty industry in Australia is growing and one of the reasons it can offer such a popular range of job roles is its flexibility. Beauty therapists can be employed or self-employed, can select hours to suit their busy lifestyles, and work from home or from a salon or spa. When it comes to choosing a job, this is one that offers that little bit of everything but still gives you time to be yourself.

What career choices can I make now?

Recent and on-going changes in Australia’s industry outlook have caused an unprecedented mix-up of job roles and prospects. As old job roles fade, new and exciting ones appear and it is going to pay, over the next few years, to keep a close eye on the possibilities and excitements of our changing career map.

Many of tomorrow’s job titles will be ones that we have as yet not heard of, but this isn’t something to be worrying about, we should all be excited about the future prospects for both our country and our careers. To find out more detail about a wide range of job roles, check out our career guides, packed with up to the minute information, these will help you make informed and ambitious future choices. 

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