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UX Design

Kickstart your career growth with our UI/UX Design Bootcamp Program and learn the in-demand skills needed to create innovative digital experiences. Here's your chance to learn the design-centric approach towards creating functional and delightful user experiences when interacting with a digital product.
  • Course start date: 15th July 2023 onwards
    (induction starting 2nd July or 9th July 2023) 

  • Australia Friendly Session Times

  • ​85% report career benefits including promotion or a new job

Course delivered by Simplilearn.
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Delivery Mode
This is an online Bootcamp Program and students will learn via live virtual classes
Build Actionable Expertise
Showcase your hands-on industry design skills via real-world projects
Learn From World Class Instructors
Gain tremendous knowledge in live masterclasses and ask-me-anything sessions
Programs Made For Job Readiness
Fast-track your UX learning made for beginners, designed with integrated hands on training so you can be job ready

Course Summary

5-7 months
5 courses
$1930 incl. GST
12 month payment plans
UX UI Designers have the largest impact on defining how people interact with experiences as they are the key driver in defining a products user experiences. This UI/UX Design Bootcamp Course delivered by Simplilearn will provide you with industry relevant experience and employable skills to help you excel in your career as a UX UI Designer.

Gain hands-on experience working with modern tools such as Figma and apply your skills in hands-on capstone projects and practical learning sessions.

You will learn concepts of UX research, design thinking principles, UI prototyping, styling, information architecture, usability and testing.

What you will learn

In this UX UI Design Bootcamp Program you will be an expert in the following:
  • Collect and analyse data to create data-driven UI designs and user experiences
  • Build an impressive design portfolio with effective and compelling designs that showcase your brand to the world
  • Proficiently design and build digital experiences that bring user satisfaction, functionality, user loyalty, and product success
  •  Effectively test the usability of a design through usability evaluations and cognitive walkthroughs


Course Structure

Delivered by Simplilearn, this UX UI Design Bootcamp Course will help you to apply your skills in hands-on capstone projects in integrated practical learning sessions. Starting with user research, you'll learn about design thinking and the process of how modern digital products are designed. You'll then ideate and generate ideas to solve a problem, synthesise your findings and ideas, and test those ideas in prototyping.
  • Course 1 - Welcome Class for UX UI Design Course

    Set your UI/UX knowledge building by exploring the basics of UI and UX design in this orientation   session.

  • Course 2 - User Experience Design

    Gain the knowledge and skills needed to perform the day-to-day tasks of a UX/UI designer. Learn about how to describe and apply current best cases and conventions in UX design such as identifying user groups, market segments, and perform empathy and persona mapping techniques to enhance the audience's experience during content consumption.

  • Course 3 - User Interface and Design Principles

    This course will introduce you to design thinking and user-centric design processes. It will help you learn how to find gaps in the expectations of users and create design concepts. You will also explore concepts, frameworks and tools of design thinking in order to build products using user-centric design principles and create solutions that people look for in a product.

  • Course 4 - UI Prototyping and Styling

    In this course, you will learn how to create beautiful user experiences. Dive into the fundamentals of aesthetics and visual design, typography, color, layouts and visual sequences to create the perfect user interface. You will gain hands on experience in understanding aesthetic principles, visual design and layout for interaction, visual hierarchy to create beautiful and functional user interfaces.

  • Course 5 - UX Research and Testing

    Learn to conduct user tests and usability testing sessions to identify problems with your interface and test design decisions. You'll also get an overview of the different types of tests, including A/B split testing, and learn how to set them up, then lead your own real-time usability test sessions. Based on those results, synthesise your findings to determine if you need to redesign your prototype.

  • Course 6 - Portfolio Building

    A design portfolio is the key to helping you land a role in the UI/UX industry. This course focuses on helping you build out a comprehensive portfolio that incorporates the projects you have worked on as part of this Bootcamp Program. Here you will showcase three real-world design projects including: website design, iOS app design and Android mobile app design.

Completion Certificate

You will gain individual certificates after completing each course

Optional electives

Optional electives are available as part of this UX/UI Design Bootcamp Program.

These are not mandatory to complete, but are available as additional courses to study if you are interested in expanding your knowledge and further implementing your skills. 

  • Optional Elective 1 - Build real world websites from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Optional Elective 2 - Javascript and jQuery in 7 days
  • Optional Elective 3 - UI/UX Design Thinking

Tools covered

Who is this course for?

Professionals wishing to suceed in this online UI/UX Design course should have:

  • an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma
  • we encourage you to come in with an open mind and a strong willingness to learn

This UI/UX Design Bootcamp Program is designed for both experienced professionals and newcomers. It is best suited for the following professionals:
  • UI/UX Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • Product Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Stack Engineers
  • IT Professionals

Payment Options

Option 1 - Pay upfront and save today

$1930 incl. GST - Save $209 when you pay upfront
RRP $2139

When you pay upfront with any Upskilled delivered by Simplilearn courses you gain the confidence and security of being able to start learning straight away - save $209 when you pay upfront.

Option 2 - Upskilled Payment Plans

For Upskilled courses delivered by Simplilearn - we can arrange for you an interest-free, flexible and easy to manage monthly payment plan.

With our convenient and affordable payment plans, you can split the RRP course price over 12 months and pay equal monthly payments as low as $178.25​ per month.

Career outcomes

The career pathway in the world of UI/UX design is a promising one. Achieving a UI/UX Design Specialist certification makes you eligible for many high-paying job roles in user experience design.

Looking to kickstart your career after completing the bootcamp? Some roles you can work in include:

Product Designer, UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher and Experience Designer are the top career options you can explore with a background in UI/UX design.
Product Designer
Product designers come up with new product interface and experience design throughout the development process of a product, ensuring they meet the needs of the user.
$115k AUD
Information Technology
UI/UX Designer
UI/UX Designers create the the digital interface for an app, website or interactive media to ensure they meet the functional and delightful experience requirements of the user.
$120k AUD
Information Technology
UX Researcher
UX researchers closely study, collect, analyse user data and explore unanswered user questions that will help inform the comprehensive product design process.
$120k AUD
Information Technology

UX Design course advisor

Top UI/UX Certified Trainers
Our trainers are industry experts with multiple years of real-world industry experience. We have a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us.

Show off your achievements

Earn your UX UI Design Bootcamp Certification

Digital certificates are the new way for Upskilled and Simplilearn graduates to offer proof of their hard earned knowledge or skill set. 

You will receive individual certificates after each short course. Additionally, upon completion of the entire bootcamp, you will earn a certificate demonstrating your competence and actionable expertise as a UI/UX Designer.

Differentiate Yourself 

Set yourself apart from the competition with the UI/UX Design Specialist Bootcamp Certificate. 

This is your ticket to get your foot through the door and proof that you have applied UI/UX design specialist knowledge and skills to real-world projects making you job ready as a full-fledged expert.

Share your achievement

You worked for it, you earned it!  Share your achievement loud and proud! Talk about your UI/UX Design Specialist Certification on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Add it to your CV to stand out and showcase to your employers. 


What is the difference between an Online Bootcamp Program and a Short Course?

An Online Bootcamp Program is an intensive and accelerated learning program made up of a collection of self-paced eLearning components and live online classes that students are required to attend.
The Online Bootcamp program curriculum contain a combination of specifically chosen courses and career-critical skills that are aligned to a job role.

A Short Course on the other hand are shorter courses that is designed to target developing a specific skill set or topic. They generally are much quicker to complete than Bootcamp Programs.

What is UI and UX design?

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are interdependent terms. The terms user interface and user experience are often used together. User interface focuses on how a person interacts with a computer system, software or application, while user experience deals with the overall engagement of an individual with a brand, product or service.

What is the best way to learn UI/UX design?

The best way to UI/UX design is to start on learning foundational design and user principles. If you're an absolute beginner, you can get started with basic statistics and learn UI/UX design basics before deep diving into user design concepts.

You can learn UI/UX concepts and it's practical application through various mediums such online certifications, online tutorials or through an Online Bootcamp Program designed for all individuals from any background.
To advance your learning, it is recommended to get hands on experience working with real world skills such as product designing, prototyping, wireframing, heuristic evaluation, usability testing on real-world projects and applications. You can achieve building relevant UI/UX skills through intensive and immersive online Bootcamp Programs.

What is the basic qualification to study UI/UX design?

To enrol in this UI/UX design course, students need to hold an undergraduate degree or a high school certificate. We recommend students to come in with an open mind and a keen interest to learn as the key to success.

Why should I do a UI/UX Design Specialist Bootcamp Program?

These days employers and organisations value a hands-on learning approach that covers working on real projects and applications, as well as experience working with cutting edge technologies. The best UI/UX Design course for beginners should involve practical content, thorough video content and include live interactions between advisors and students. Practical UI/UX programs such as bootcamps are engaging, challenging and motivating for students to enjoy, whilst enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Upskilled's UI/UX Bootcamp Program delivered by Simplilearn is comprehensive course that allows you to acquire the required skills for exploring UI/UX design concepts, frameworks, and major tools through real industry examples and hands-on knowledge through capstone projects. This Bootcamp Program will help you build employable skills such as UI and visual designing, user experience designing, design thinking, product designing, prototyping, wireframing and usability testing.

Will I earn a certificate?

Yes, upon completing the course program and projects, you will gain a UI/UX Specialist certification as a demonstration of
your applied practical skills and expertise, which you can showcase in your CV.
What are the professional backgrounds of UI/UX Design Specialist Bootcamp Program students?
This UI/UX Specialist Bootcamp Program is designed for both entry-level individuals and for experienced professionals looking to enter the world of UI/UX design.

What are the professional backgrounds of UI/UX Design Specialist Bootcamp Program students?

This UI/UX Specialist Bootcamp Program is designed for both entry-level individuals and for experienced professionals looking to enter the world of UI/UX design.What payment options are available?

How do I enrol in the UI/UX Design Specialist Bootcamp Program?

To enrol in this UI/UX Specialist Bootcamp Program, you'll need to first submit an enquiry form via our website. You'll need to provide the following details:
  • Your Name
  • Best Phone Number
  • Email Address
Once you've submitted your online form, one of our education consultants will be in touch within 48 hours.

During the consultation, you'll be able to ask questions regarding payment options, learning content and what career outcomes you can pursue if you complete your studies.

What payment options are available?

Enrol immediately and pay full price upfront at $1,930 or pay in split payments.
Find out more about other flexible payment plans and get in touch with one of our Education Consultants today.

How do I become a UI/UX Design Specialist?

One of the most common and distinguished ways to enter a branch of technology as a UI/UX Design Specialist is through immersive learning programs such as bootcamps.

This UI/UX Design Specialist certification course delivered by Simplilearn provides you with an in-depth understanding of applied design principles, tools, techniques and methodologies into the world of user experience.

Delivered through a unique immersive environment, this UI/UX Design Specialist certification course will set you up to be a full-fledged UI/UX expert in your career. You will sharpen your ability to master prized industry skill sets such as user research, prototyping, wireframing, heuristic evaluation, usability and communication.
Upon completion you will earn an industry-recognised certificate that will strongly portray your new skills and on-the-job expertise as an UI/UX Design Specialist.

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85% of Simplilearn students report career benefits such as landing the next promotion or getting a new job

5 star

I loved how it was self paced and didn't need to rush with my assignments. Would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

Louwana Mcpake

5 star

The support and guidance given, throughout the process of investigating courses and the enrolment, has been stellar. No questions have gone unanswered and the whole process has been stress free.


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