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  • What is a digital badge and credential?


Let's talk about badges!

A digital badge is a new and quick way you can share your qualifications with co-workers and potential employers that garners respect. After your complete your course with Upskilled, you can add a digital badge to your email signature or digital resume and post it on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

When you share your badge, employers can easily look up your skills and expertise - otherwise known as your credentials.

The digital credential is the skills and knowledge evidence behind the digital badge. When you're issued a digital badge, it consists of two parts: a picture (representing the skill) and a text description (which is the credential).

This text description is made up of something called metadata - this is the bit that makes is unique to you. It will tell anyone viewing the badge:
  • Who earned the badge. (You)
  • What you achieved.
  • When you achieved it.
  • Who verifies the badge. (Upskilled) 

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