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Case Management

What is the best course in case management?

Upskilled currently offers a diploma-level qualification in case management. This course is nationally-recognised and delivered online, allowing you to tend to your work and personal commitments without interruption. 

The case management course can prepare you for the role of case manager where you help clients solve complex problems when it comes to their everyday life; some of these clients may have co-existing mental health and drugs and alcohol issues. You'll also have the opportunity to undertake work placement where you get to experience real-work scenarios that can prepare you for a career in case management. 
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  • What is it like to work in case management?

    If you're someone that's naturally empathetic, understanding and has great organisational and management skills, you'll be well-suited to work in case management. You can find plenty of case manager jobs in many areas of the community services industry, including:
    • Children's services
    • Residential care
    • Mental health care
    • Aged care
    • Youth work
    • Social work
    The role of a case manager requires dedication and commitment as you'll be working closely to help clients access resources that can help them through their extenuating circumstances. You'll be responsible for developing detailed plans, reviewing the effectiveness of care programs, as well as keeping accurate case records and communicating and coordinating with external agencies to support clients with additional resources. 
  • What career outcomes can you achieve in case management?

    If you complete a relevant qualification in case management, you have the potential to pursue career outcomes as a case manager or centre manager, depending on your career goals. Case managers generally work in a variety of work settings and there are plenty of opportunities where you can have flexible working options and the ability to work part-time. 
  • What are the employment prospects in case management?

    If you're interested in pursuing a case management career, here are some interesting facts and figures that can help you decide if this is the pathway for you: 
    • Case managers fall under the Health and Welfare Services Managers category. Generally speaking, they usually attain formal qualifications through Vocational Education and Training (VET).
    • The future growth for employment opportunities in Health and Welfare Services is very strong.
    • The average weekly pay for Health and Welfare Services Managers is $2,148. 
  • Why should you work in case management?

    • Work in a variety of settings: Case managers work with a variety of clients so if you're interested in working with people who are going through extenuating circumstances, this career option may be for you. Case managers generally work with people who have mental health issues or the elderly. 
    • High salary potential: According to Indeed, the average salary for a case manager in Australia is $83,434 per year. If you're keen to do rewarding work as well as get paid well, this may be the career path for you. 
    • A people-person career: The case manager position is a client-facing role so if you're a person that has extroverted qualities or is outgoing by nature, this can be the ideal path if you enjoy working with others. 
    • Flexible work available: There are plenty of part-time opportunities available for case work if you desire work-life balance. This can be ideal for those looking to get back into the workforce and wanting more flexibility in their schedule.
  • Is case management the right career path for you?

    If you're someone that enjoys working with people and has impeccable organisational skills, a case management career may be a suitable pathway for you in the long-term. With flexible work opportunities available, as well as the ability to work in a variety of settings, case management gives you the chance to work with clients that have extenuating circumstances, making for a rewarding career if you're passionate about helping those that are vulnerable in the community.

    If you possess the following qualities, you may find career success in case management: 
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Critical Thinking
    • Team Player
    • Leadership Skills
    • Decision-Making Skills 
  • Why should you study case management?

    Studying case management online can provide you with the flexibility needed to balance both your work and personal commitments. At Upskilled, you'll be able to have access to additional learning resources, as well as have the opportunity to undergo work placement so you can build the skills and experience needed to pursue careers in case management with confidence.

    By studying case management with Upskilled, you'll have access to:
    • Student Support Services: Our consultants will be ready to assist should you run into issues throughout your studies.
    • Work Placement: You'll have the opportunity to undertake work placement at a host organisation of your choice, where you can put the theory you learn into practice.
    • Role-Playing and Interactive Learning Activities: Our specialist trainers may run ad-hoc Interactive Learning Activities in support of your studies. During these sessions, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with other students. Upskilled's case management course also includes assessments that involve role-playing, making them interactive and fun. You'll get the opportunity to round up your colleagues, family or friends and participate in work-based scenarios that can prepare you for a range of situations in case management work. 
  • What makes a good case manager?

    A good case manager is someone that naturally enjoys working with people and has high-level organisational skills. They should also be a strong communicator and comfortable working with people in extenuating circumstances. To find career success as a case manager, it's important to be adaptable to change, possess qualities of empathy and emotional intelligence.

    To ensure you have the skills to prepare for a career in case management, explore your study options with Upskilled to help you achieve your career goals. Online study can provide you with the flexibility to still earn an income, while also gaining the relevant knowledge needed to pursue your next career move.

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