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Frequently asked questions for students

What happens when I successfully complete a course?
Students who successfully complete the course assessments and assignments will be issued a Nationally Recognised Qualification.  Upskilled has a number of credit agreements in place with Universities across Australia which guarantees students entry and credit transfer upon completion of a selection of our diplomas, and could take up to a year off a Bachelor Degree. For more information visit our Pathways to University page.

Am I able to undertake the course online?
Yes, students are able to undertake most courses online through Upskilled's customized Learning Management System. Visit our Online Learning page for more information.

How long do the courses run for and how many classes are there?
Our Certificate and Diploma classroom courses generally run over a 9 month period, incorporating 7 full-day workshops. In addition to the instructor lead training, you will have additional self-directed learning, assignment and assessment work to complete outside of the classroom. Students undertaking their course online generally take 12 months to complete. 

Who do I contact if I have any questions during the course or if I'm experiencing difficulties with my studies?
Upskilled's highly qualified trainers and friendly student support staff are available to assist you with any questions you might have about the course. Contact student support through our online form or call 1300 009 924.

Where can I find more information about Upskilled's courses?
Detailed information about our courses, including course outlines, locations and start dates can be found on the Course Listing Page or by contacting one of our Education Managers.

Do I need to purchase textbooks for the course?
No, all relevant course materials and resources are provided to students at no extra charge.

How do I become eligible for the Federal/State Government funding or incentives?
Visit our Government Funding and Incentives page for more information about schemes you may be eligible for or contact one of our Education Managers for a detailed explanation.

Will there be exams towards the end of the course?
There are no exams in the duration of the course, however, there are assignments and assessments that must be successfully completed.

Frequently asked questions for employers

Can I cancel a course my staff is currently enrolled in?
You should contact a Education Manager to discuss your options or refer to the Student Information Pack for the policies and procedures regarding cancellations.

Am I able put my  studies on hold?
You should contact Upskilled Education Manager to discuss your options.

During a course, can I change from classroom to online learning and vice versa?
Yes, changes to the training plan can be negotiated by contacting an Upskilled Education Manager.

How do I know when the student has finished the training?
As you have been monitoring your student's progress you will know if they have completed the requirements. If you are unsure, contact our Student Support staff.

The student just finished all of the requirements of the course. What happens now?
The student will receive the certificate from Upskilled. You can start discussions on future training or workforce development needs you or your company have.

My student has prior work experience relevant to the course he/she is interested in. Can they gain credit for the work experience acquired?
Yes, Upskilled recognises that many participants acquire vocational skills from a variety of different sources outside of formal training. Participants can make an application for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) at any time during their training program. Visit the RPL page for more information. An RPL application pack is available from the National Education and Compliance Manager.

Can I get help from Upskilled to find out what training our company needs for our staff?
Upskilled will provide a free consultation to determine any skills gaps, perform a training needs analysis and provide a training plan for your business.  During this process, we can also identify any possible opportunities for government funding or incentives.

Is it possible to get Upskilled to deliver the training at our workplace?
Upskilled is always pleased to explore onsite options for the delivery of training courses. Where participant numbers and client facilities make workshopping viable, our specialist trainers enjoy the opportunity to present and conduct training in the organisational setting where it will be applied.

Is it possible to get Government funding support to train my workforce?
There are a range of Government Funding and Incentive opportunities for training, all with varying eligibility criteria.  You should contact an Upskilled Education Manager to discuss your options.

What happens if a staff member resigns while doing the course?
You will need to advise an Education Manager as soon as possible. The student will not receive the qualification if they do not complete the course.

Can I pay for my staff to do the course even if they do not qualify for Government funding or incentives?
Yes, all of Upskilled's courses are competitively priced and we also have payment plans available.  Upfront payments also receive a 10% discount.

Is there any other paperwork that we need to fill in during the course?
There is paperwork that needs to be filled out such as training plans. Our staff will be able to assist you with any additional paperwork required.

Can I send multiple staff members to attend courses?
There is no limit to the number of staff members that your company can enrol onto the training. Obviously, you will only receive funding for those who are eligible.

Frequently asked questions for supervisors

Do I have to pay the trainee the same rate of pay when they are training?
Yes, trainees must be paid at least the minimum or training wage as set out in the State or Federal industrial Award or Workplace Agreement under which they have been employed.

If the student leaves for another employer, can the apprentice/traineeship transfer with them?
Yes, a trainee can transfer to another employer providing that all parties are in agreement. Applications are to be made to the STAs within 14 days or the transfer. An Australian Apprenticeship Centre can assist throughout this process.

What happens if I need to terminate a trainee's employment?
A trainee may be terminated by either the employer or trainee giving notice in accordance with the provisions of the award or agreement under which the trainee is employed.

Can I cancel the traineeship?
Yes, a traineeship can be cancelled by mutual agreement between the employer and trainee at any time if both parties agree to do so. This application must be submitted to the STA, your AAC can assist with this process. Check with your AAC to see how much notice you need to give the STA.

Are we able to put the traineeship on hold?
Yes, this is called a suspension of the contract. It is also a mutual agreement between the employer and the trainee. This application must be submitted to the STA, your AAC can assist with this process. Check with your AAC to see how much notice you need to give the STA.

Can I change the way the trainee does the training, like online or face to face?
Yes, changes to the training plan will require a change in the contract. This application must be submitted to the STA, your AAC can assist with this process. Check with your AAC to see how much notice you need to give the STA.

How do I know when the trainee has finished the traineeship?
STAs will notify you by mail when a traineeship is due for completion. As you have been monitoring your trainee's progress you will know if they have completed the requirements.

I received a letter stating that my trainee is due to complete, but not all the requirements have been met. Will I still get my incentive payment?
No, if the traineeship contract date of completion is due and not all areas of the program are complete then you will not receive incentive payments. You need to apply for an extension of contract so that the trainee can complete the requirements. This is a straight forward process that you can take with the STA, or the AAC could assist you with this.

The trainee just finished all of the requirements but the contract is not due for a few months. What happens now, do I need to wait or can we get our incentive early?
Once you have received the certificate from the RTO you can apply for early completion. Upskilled normally forwards all the required information to complete the traineeship with instructions on how to achieve this. You may want to contact your AAC, as early completion may have an impact on other benefits you may be receiving under the traineeship, like reductions on payroll tax if applicable to your circumstance and state.