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Professional Certificate Program In Data Science

Boost your data science career with this Professional Certificate Program in Data Science ranked No.1 by Economic Times. In collaboration with Purdue University and IBM, this program is designed for working professionals to develop in-depth skills and knowledge in data science to apply to real-world business problems. 

You'll explore fundamental concepts by working with industry technologies including R, Python programming, machine learning techniques, natural language processing (NLP), and data visualisation with Tableau software. This program includes participating in live sessions from global professionals, practical data science labs, IBM hackathons and real-world projects that allow you to apply your knowledge and skills so you can advance in your career as a data scientist.


Course delivered by Simplilearn.
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Delivery Mode
This online Bootcamp Program includes live virtual classes delivered by IBM specialists
Build Actionable Working Skills
Demonstrate your employable skills through 3 Capstones and 25+ Projects with industry data sets from Amazon, Uber, Walmart, Comcast, and many more
Gain The Purdue University Advantage
Receive a joint Purdue-Simplilearn certification and gain eligibility to the Purdue Alumni Association membership
Programs Made For Job Readiness
Fast-track building employable skills through masterclasses conducted by IBM, AMAs and exclusive hackathons with IBM experts

Course Summary

5-7 months
Access For
12 months
5 courses
$4,720 incl. GST
This program delivered by Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue University is an all-encompassing program in Data Science that covers the most desirable skills such as
R, Python programming, machine learning techniques, NLP notions, data visualisation with Tableau.

Over a comprehensive 5 course learning pathway combined with live class learning models led by industry practitioners, students will get the opportunity to deep drive into data science concepts such as Python programming, machine learning, Tableau training and it's application to real world environments. By working on real world projects and lab exercises, this will set you up to be readily employable in the data science industry.

What you will learn

By the end of this Professional Certificate Program in Data Science course, you will accomplish the following:
  • Gain a strong understanding of essential data science concepts and it's application
  • Be proficient in working with cutting edge technologies and data analysis tools
  • Build an experienced skill set in interpreting complex data and making impactful business decisions

Course Structure

Get set and dive into the world of data science by working on real-world problems. Delivered in by Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue's University academy excellence curriculum, you will be able to develop actionable skills by completing projects that are specific to your industry. Over 5 courses, students will learn how to analyse and slice through massive amounts of business data, prepare it for analysis and create visualisations based on that data. This way students will be able to solve real-life problems businesses face in their day-to-day work, allowing them to gain job readiness skills in this in-depth Data Science program.

Each course is small bite-size pieces of training. Such courses are delivered in regular one week periods on a cohort based learning structure. This means students are required to complete training in their specific chosen schedule enabling students to focus and practice skills they have learned in class from start to finish.
  • Orientation Session for Professional Certificate Program in Data Science

    Kickstart your learning and explore all aspects of the Data Science program in this course, preparing you on the fundamentals of statistical analysis and programming.

  • Course 1 - Python for Data Science

    Deep dive into familiarising yourself with Python programming for Data Science developed in collaboration with IBM. Cover the fundamentals of Python programming and bolster the in-demand programming skills in Data Science.

  • Course 2 - Applied Data Science with Python

    Enhance your Python programming skills in this interactive course and apply analytical techniques using Python programming.

  • Course 3 - Machine Learning

    Learn to master Machine Learning techniques and capabilities including supervised, unsupervised learning and data modeling.

  • Course 4 - Tableau Training

    This Tableau training course covers Tableau Desktop 10 training that will help you gain a variety of skills using this cutting edge technology platform. Master the skill of Tableau including visualisations, organising data and designing dashboards.

  • Course 5 - Data Science Capstone

    At the end of the Data Science program, you will complete a hands-on, industry-relevant capstone project that brings together all your knowledge and skills so you can showcase it on your portfolio.

Completion Certificate

You will gain individual certificates after completing each course

Optional electives

Optional electives are available as part of this Professional Certificate Program in Data Science. These are not mandatory to complete, but are available as additional courses to study if you are interested in expanding your knowledge and further implementing your skills.
  • Optional Elective 1 - R Programming for Data Science
  • Optional Elective 2 - Data Science with R
  • Optional Elective 3 - Natural Language Processing
  • Optional Elective 4 - Master Class with Purdue University
  • Optional Elective 5 - Industry Master Class - Data Science

Tools covered

Who is this course for?

Individuals looking to undertake this Professional Certificate Program in Data Science must:
  • a bachelor's degree with a 50% or above grade point average.
  • a foundational understanding of basic programming principles and mathematics is required
Individuals best suited to this course could include:
  • Working professionals with at least two years of experience are recommended for postgraduate data science programs.
  • IT Professionals

Payment Options

Option 1 - Pay upfront and save today

$4,720 incl. GST - Save $577 when you pay upfront
RRP $5,297
When you pay upfront with any Upskilled delivered by Simplilearn courses you gain the confidence and security of being able to start learning straight away - save $577 when you pay upfront.

Course projects

This Professional Certificate Program in Data Science comprises of projects that enhance the practical skills required to navigate real-world industry scenarios. Each project targets a unique software challenge in data science, helping you leverage what you've learned throughout the course. 

Below are details of the projects you'll be working on:
Transport Service Provider
Help Uber build a next-generation model for accurate fare prediction. You will play a lead role in choosing the best data tools and AI technologies to help build and drive its next generation fare prediction model.
Automobile Manufacturing
Mercedes-Benz is looking to reduce the amount of time it spends on the test bench to drive down costs and bring their cars to the market sooner.

Your aim is to build and optimise a machine learning algorithm to achieve this goal.
Amazon promotes and sells products on the basis of customer activity, purchase and buying habits of customers. Your goal is to help Amazon improve their recommendation engine for revenue per customer by analysing Amazon customer data sets and utilising your learned data science knowledge and skills.
In this project you will learn how to predict accurate sales for Walmart stores by considering factors such as unemployment rates and promotional markdown events.

Career outcomes

Machine Learning Engineer
Machine learning engineers design and create the algorithms used to make business predictions and test machine learning systems used for a variety of business purposes.
$114k AUD
Information Technology
AI Engineer
An artificial intelligence engineer uses innovative technology to developing intelligent algorithms capable of learning, analysing, predict future events and reasoning similar to the human brain to achieve business goals.
$105k AUD
Information Technology
Data Scientist
Data scientists examine which questions need answering and where to find the related data. They source, manage, analyse, clean, present and visualise large amounts of unstructured data to make business decisions. 
$125k AUD
Information Technology

Professional Certificate Program In Data Science course advisor

Ronald van Loon, Top 10 Big Data and Data Science Influencer, Director - Advertisement
Ronald van Loon, Top 10 Big Data and Data Science Influencer, Director - Advertisement
Named by Onalytica as one of the three most influential people in Big Data, Ronald is also an author of a number of leading Big Data and Data Science websites, including Datafloq, Data Science Central, and The Guardian. He also regularly speaks at renowned events in IoT, Big Data and Data Science.

*Please note: your course advisor may be subject to change

Show off your achievements

Earn your Professional Certificate in Data Science Certification

Digital certificates are the new way for Upskilled and Simplilearn graduates to offer proof of their hard earned knowledge or skill set. 

You will receive individual certificates after each short course. Additionally, upon completion of the entire bootcamp, you will receive a certificate demonstrating your competence and actionable expertise as a Data Science professional.

Differentiate Yourself 

Set yourself apart from the competition with the Professional Certificate Program in Data Science Certificate.

This is your proof that you have high-level, actionable data science knowledge and skills helping you advance in your career. 

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5 star

Very efficient in getting back to me when I enquired about the course I was interested in. Very helpful in determining which course would be good for me. Friendly staff as well. Would recommend to anyone wanting to study. Thank you!


5 star

Fantastic experience. I'm glad I decided to study (for the second time) with Upskilled. The team and trainers are extremely supportive.


FAQs to help you

  • What is the difference between an Online Bootcamp Program, a Short Course and a Professional Certificate Program?
    An Online Bootcamp Program is an intensive and accelerated learning program made up of a collection of self-paced eLearning components and live online classes that students are required to attend.
    The Online Bootcamp program curriculum contain a combination of specifically chosen courses and career-critical skills that are aligned to a job role.

    A Professional Certificate Program is quite similar to an Online Bootcamp Program but do not involve self-paced online learning. The Professional Certificate Program course structures are cohort based. This means students are required to complete training in their specific chosen schedule enabling students to focus and practice skills they have learned in class from start to finish.

    A Short Course on the other hand are shorter courses that is designed to target developing a specific skill set or topic. They generally are much quicker to complete than Bootcamp Programs.
  • What is the role of a data scientist?
    Data Scientists are specialised IT professionals who are well versed in understanding large volumes of information data. They utilise advance modern technologies and tools to discover unique patterns in data, identify any hidden trends and derive valuable information to aid in better decision-making. As organisations collect large amounts of data, they implement various data science concepts and algorithms to build predictive data models. If you're interested in the world of Big Data, the Data Scientist Bootcamp can help you learn all and apply all of these concepts from scratch.
  • Is Data Science a profitable career field?
    Professionals with Data Science expertise are constantly growing in demand and has very good career opportunities for advancement and growth.

    Careers in the data science field have lucrative salaries.
  • How quickly can I get certified through Data Science courses online?
    With a consistent learning schedule and constant study hours, you can get through the course in about 5-7 months.
  • What are the requirements needed to qualify for a data science course online?
    Professionals wishing to qualify in this Data Scientist online course should have:
    • A bachelor's degree with a 50% or above grade point average.
    • A foundational understanding of basic programming principles and mathematics is required
  • Can I still enrol in online Data Science courses if I don't have a related degree?
    Data science students come from a diverse range of backgrounds. From seasoned professionals to non-data or non-technical background, the Data Scientist bootcamp
    is open to everyone of any background and must hold at least a bachelor's degree with a 50% or above GPA.

    Examples of students who study the Data Science Bootcamp have transitioned into data science from the following backgrounds:
    • Software Engineering
    • Finance
    • User Experience
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Psychologist
    • HR
    • Design
    • A new comer with no relevant or technical background
  • How is data science bootcamp relevant today?
    Data scientists are high in demand and are ranked among the top fields in Linkedin's Job Reports for the last three years and running. According to the latest information, data scientist roles are growing annually at 37%.

    As such, data science bootcamps are increasingly valued due to their emphasis on a hands-on focused and immersive approach. These days many organisations value skills that are job ready and demonstrable, and bootcamps are an appraised path to achieve this practical experience.
  • Will I earn a certificate?
    Yes, upon completing the course program and projects, you will gain a Data Scientist certification as a demonstration of your applied practical skills and knowledge, which you can showcase in your CV.
  • How do I enrol in the Data Scientist Bootcamp?
    To enrol in this Data Scientist Bootcamp, you'll need to first submit an enquiry form via our website. You'll need to provide the following details:
    • Your Name
    • Best Phone Number
    • Email Address
    Once you've submitted your online form, one of our education consultants will be in touch within 48 hours.

    During the consultation, you'll be able to ask questions regarding payment options, learning content and what career outcomes you can pursue if you complete your studies.
  • What kind of jobs can I pursue upon completing the bootcamp?
    There are various roles a Data Scientist student can work in upon completion of the bootcamp. This includes: Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Architects, Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers.
  • What payment options are available?
    Enrol immediately and pay full price upfront at $4,720 or pay in split payments.
    Find out more about other flexible payment plans and get in touch with one of our Education Consultants today.
  • How do I become a Data Scientist?
    There are various ways to become a Data Scientist. One of the renowned ways to enter the field of data science is through immersive learning such as Professional Certificate Programs in Data Science. 

    The Professional Certificate Program is co-developed with Purdue University, in collaboration with IBM provides you with an in-depth understanding into the world of Data Science, concepts, tools and methodologies.

    Designed with a unique interactive environment, the Professional Certificate Program will set you up for success as a data scientist and excel in your career. You will sharpen your ability to master high level technologies such as R, Python, Machine Learning techniques, data reprocessing, regression, clustering, data analytics with SAS, data visualization with Tableau, and an overview of the Hadoop ecosystem. Upon completion you will earn an industry-recognised certificate partnered with IBM that will strongly portray your new skills and on-the-job expertise as a Data Scientist.
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