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React JS Certification

Master the fundamentals of the renowned JavaScript web framework for developing user interfaces: React JS.

Through practical, hands-on projects, this comprehensive training will help you become familiar with JavaScript library for building dynamic and interactive user interfaces with ease.

Course delivered by Simplilearn.
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This is an online short course and students will learn through flexible, self-paced learning
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Put your knowledge to practice through 4 real-time industry projects and 2 simulation exams
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Course Summary

5-7 months
Access For
Lifetime Access
2 sections
This course equips you with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to succeed as a React JS developer. You will learn the fundamentals of React JS through self-paced, instructor-led online learning. You will develop a strong understanding of various React components by building applications with Redux.

What you will learn

By the end of this React JS Certification course, you will accomplish the following:
  • The strong ability to design and develop web applications with React efficiently
  • Be proficient in React JS developer techniques including: scoping variables, work with DOM manipulation, event handling and various React high-order functions
  • Successfully integrate and deploy web application programs

Course Structure

Cultivate a strong understanding of how to design, develop and deploy various web applications using React JS. Over 2 sections, you will be equipped with a deep understanding and ability to leverage React JS frameworks to create dynamic UX UI solutions for mobile or web applications. Through self-paced learning and live class curriculums, this course will help you build professional experience in working with React environment, experimenting with components and functions, to integrating and deploying applications to Heroku.
  • Section 1 - Self-Paced Learning Curriculum

    Lesson 01: Course Introduction
    Lesson 02: Project 1- Starting (GitHub Finder) and Setting up React
    Lesson 03: Components, States, and Props
    Lesson 04: Event, Passing Props, React Router, and More
    Lesson 05: Refactoring Hooks and Context API
    Lesson 06: Project 2- Contact Keeper– Mongo DB, Express, React, and Node (MERN) and Setting up an Express Server
    Lesson 07: Backend User, Contacts, and JSON Web Tokens (JWT) Authentication
    Lesson 08: Setting up Your Client and Contacts User Interface (UI)
    Lesson 09: React or Express Authentication
    Lesson 10: Integrating and Deploying the Contacts Application Programming Interface (API)
    Lesson 11: Project 3- Start IT Logger (Redux)- Components and User Interface
    Lesson 12: Redux State Management
    Lesson 13: Technicians State and its Components

    Delivery mode: self-paced learning only

  • Section 2 - Live Class Curriculum

    Lesson 01: Features of ECMAScript6
    Lesson 02: Fundamentals of React
    Lesson 03: Introduction to Redux
    Lesson 04: The React-Redux Node Package

Completion Certificate

Who is this course for?

Individuals looking to enrol in this course should have the following:
  • Experience in building front-end web applications using Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Course projects

As part of your training, you'll learn to apply your newfound React JS knowledge to real-world projects simulating relevant industry challenges.
Build An Event Finder App Using React
This project will give you the opportunity to build a React app that lets users view and promote upcoming events. You will set up a JSON server for testing purposes until backend APIs are ready, and manage the state using Redux.

Career outcomes

Software Developer
Software developers mainly research, design, implement and manage software programs
$110k AUD
Information Technology
Front End Developer - React
Front end developers are responsible for using React to design, implement and develop the user interface for web or mobile applications.
$134k AUD
Information Technology
Full Stack Developer (React)
Full stack developers specialising in React JS frameworks are responsible for designing, developing and maintenance of the front-end and back-end development of software applications.
$122k AUD
Information Technology

React JS Certification course advisor

Top Qualified React JS Expert Trainers
All of our highly qualified instructors are industry experts with years of relevant industry experience. They have been through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to teach for us. We also ensure that only those instructors with a high alumni rating remain on our faculty.

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Additionally, upon completion of the entire short course, you will earn a certificate demonstrating your competence and actionable expertise as an experienced React JS professional.

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Set yourself apart from the competition by certifying your demonstrable expertise to your employers.

This is your ticket to get your foot through the door and proof that you have verified practical React JS developer knowledge and skills in real world environments, making you job ready as a full-fledged expert.

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What is the difference between a Short Course and an Online Bootcamp?

An Online Bootcamp Program is an intensive and accelerated learning program made up of a collection of self-paced eLearning components and live online classes that students are required to attend.
The Online Bootcamp program curriculum contain a combination of specifically chosen courses and career-critical skills that are aligned to a job role.

A Short Course on the other hand are shorter courses that is designed to target developing a specific skill set or topic. They generally are much quicker to complete than Bootcamp Programs.


What is React JS?

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library fostering the development of dynamic user interfaces for single page web applications.

React JS handles the visual and view layer for both web and mobile applications, allowing developers to create reusable and scalable UI components.


What is React JS used for?

React JS is a JavaScript library that is used in web development to build interactive elements on websites and the applications' user interface (UI). This can include menus, buttons, and other elements that someone interacts with while using the website or app.


What are the advantages of a React JS course?

React JS development skills are in high demand in the software development domain as they can give professionals a distinct advantage when applying for related job roles such as software developer or front end web developer.

Due to the constant demand in software development skills and knowledge, developing market-driven skills in web development with specialties using Javascript frameworks such as React JS highly regarded by employers. A way to cultivate such highly sought after expertise is to engage in specialised short courses. Short course certifications with an industry-led curriculum can help individuals develop relevant theoretical and practical on the job experience.

The React JS Certification short course learning structure contains a combination of self-paced learning content, live masterclasses and capstone projects which can help learners apply their skills to action in various contexts. This can help them build real-world experience, helping them build valuable professional skills that employers constantly look for.

Upskilled's React JS Certification training course delivered by Simplilearn features lessons from industry leaders to help you master the fundamentals of Javascript frameworks, working with React components, different states and routing in Reaact. By taking this course, you'll equip yourself with skills that are in high demand by employers, which could help you land your dream job.


How do I become a React JS developer?

There are many ways to start a career as a React JS developer. One of the many renowned ways to get started is to engage in a React JS Certification online course. React JS course will help you master HTML, CSS and JavaScript before moving on to ReactJS. As a React JS developer, one must understand the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Becoming a React JS developer requires one to become familiar with topics like HTTP protocols, algorithms, data structures, and design patterns of user interfaces.


What is the pay scale of React JS professionals?

The average salary for a React Developer is $135,000 per year in Australia.


What kind of careers can I pursue with a background in React JS?

There are various career pathways available for professionals with a background in React JS.

Career options can include:
  • Software developer
  • Front end web developer (React)
  • User experience engineer
  • Frontend UI Developer (React, JavaScript)


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Want to know all about this course? Get our course brochure to discover what it's like to study . Submit your details and simply click 'Download'.

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